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More on rash?

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I recently posted a question about dd's (5months) rash -- it was under her chin on her neck.. Well, last night I saw that it has been spreading -- it is now under her armpits. I'm at a loss now -- drool would have been understandable under the chin.. but the armpits?

Any ideas? I called the pediatrician's office, and they suggested putting corn starch on the affected areas.

Anyone has seen this before?

and I checked her mouth for thrush, she is clean. I don't know what this could be. -- she hasn't been drooling all that much and otherwise seems to be her usual happy self.

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did she have a fever? harper just came down with roseola. she had a fever low grade for 3 days and now she is fine but has a rash on her upper body, started on her chin and neck and is everywhere now. it's contagious, but harmless.
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No fever.. not hing at all to make me think it's bothering her..

I just wonder if it could be something I ate -- I had a lot of strawberrys lately..
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Could be,there pretty high on the list of allergenic foods.Could it be the laundry soap your using,or maybe eczema? Or heat rash (depending on where you live).
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