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I wanted to share this. My son goes to North East Co-Op preschool which is just a wonderful play based program. They even have Kindergarten and it's all reasonably priced with lot's of parent involvement. They also have a mothers day out program that doesn't have enough kids enrolled yet to take off this year (funny, because most of the other classes are full to capacity) If you are interest please contact them to sign up your child. It's a great intro if you want to send your child to a play based program in the future. My youngest is only 10 months so he can't go yet.

The preschool is in the Unitarian chrurch on east 56th street. It's between 465 and binford.

Dear fellow Coopers,

I just wanted to put out an anouncement that Mrs. Linda Burns of the Parents' Day Out program. If you're interested please contact Mrs. Burns 317-257-6691 ASAP. We will need to sign up with at least 5 children quickly if we want her to consider doing the program. I would like to use this for Jerry. Details about the program are below:

If your child is too young for the Co-op, please consider the Parent's Day Out program. It is a program for children age 18 months - 3 years. It meets in the room that the Co-op uses for the 2's class on Wednesday and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. We have three teachers and have a maximum of 15 children. Some people choose to enroll their children in both the Co-op and the Parent's Day Out. If you need care for your young child while you participate in the Co-op with your older one, we may be able to help you out once or twice a month. The teachers for our program all have experience with Co-ops with our own children.

For further information on the Parent's Day Out program, please visit