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should i be concerned?

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i cant tell if im just being paranoid, or if this is something i should call the midwife about. over the last week or two, my morning sickness has sort of tapered off. im 8 weeks today. still super sore breasts, awful aversions. i do feel sick either in the am or pm, with the occasional day where im not sick much at all. before i was feeling ill am, feeling better during the day, and getting sick again around dinner time. my belly is growing because i cant button my pants anymore, and im hoping thats a good sign (or could just be im eating too much junk, lol). i will probably call the mw tomorrow just to help make myself feel better and get her input, but neither one is on call today an i dont feel like this is something i should be bothering them on their cell phones about. in the meantime i thought a little input could help. anyone have any thoughts? i hope i didnt jinx the pg buying the 4 cloth dipes i bought yesterday
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My morning sickness vanished during week 7 and came back with full-blown puking in week 8. Seems like other ladies here have also had m/s that comes and goes.
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thanks second. this pg is so different from my last i dont even know what to think. i keep trying to compare them. with that pg, my sickness started at week 7 and was awful until week 12 when it completely vanished. i keep thinking lots of morning sickness= healthier pregnancy, when i know that isnt always necessarily true. bah.
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Originally Posted by inky leeuhhh View Post
i keep thinking lots of morning sickness= healthier pregnancy, when i know that isnt always necessarily true. bah.
Oh, no. I didn't know what "lots of morning sickness" really was until my second. The first time, I was queasy all day but snacking on pretzels usually alleviated the feeling for an hour or so. No vomiting at all, except for one freak occurrence around 18 weeks (probably a stomach bug). But my second...vomiting multiple times a day from 6.5 weeks straight through week 20! And as far as healthier pregnancy, baby #1 weighed a healthy 9 lbs 2oz while the second, with whom I was so, so sick, was a scrawny 6 pounder. This time, I seem to be somewhere in the middle. Some days are bad and some aren't, but nothing I can consistently rely upon.
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Mine is also coming and going. It's like there'll be a consistent pattern for several days where I'll feel sick at the same time of day, but then it changes. Today I feel great (actually felt like getting off the couch and cleaning the house!) and I'm deciding to just rejoice that I don't feel horrible all day long, rather than worrying about it. Definitely call your MW tomorrow though if it will make you feel better.
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If it makes you feel better, I hope you start vomiting soon! I'd call the mw for her input, let us know how it goes.
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LOL thanks smocklets ( i think!). im feeling a little better about things tonight. not a ton of nausea, but lots of food aversions (all that sounded good for dinner was yogurt- but i ate three containers of it)- and very tired all day long. oh and i started crying during an episode of csi earlier, which ive never done. hopefully these are good signs!
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