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Moms of winter babies, do you do "half" birthday parties in the summer? - Page 3

Poll Results: Would you go to a "half" party in the summer for a child born in the winter?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 19% (35)
    Yes I would.
  • 44% (82)
    No I wouldn't.
  • 13% (25)
    I think it's a neat idea.
  • 16% (30)
    I think it's a bad idea.
  • 6% (11)
    Other (please elaborate)
183 Total Votes  
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I voted other. I have Jan and Feb babies, their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart. We were going to do summer half birthdays this year but somehow never got around to it!

I am a Jan baby myself (and so is DH) we agree that personally, we would have preferred having our birthdays moved further away from the holidays. Not for materialistic reasons, but the chaos of everything all at once. It was just TOO much. And the last two years have been TOO much for my kids. We have three or four Christmas celebrations (my parents are divorced) followed by everyones birthdays, all in 5 weeks.

On a materialistic note, my kids get all their new toys/gifts from friends and family ONCE a year. Around fall, they are now rounding the corner on a year "too old" for those toys and begin to get bored of them. They also get clothes for once season. It would be nice, for us, with very generous parents whom we can't seem to dissuade from innundating our kids with gifts, to spread the wealth a little.

Also, it doesn't have to be a half birthday time frame. My sisters birthday is New Years Eve and she always had a Halloween party. I don't know when that started, but her birthday party was a big costume party with her friends around Halloween. She loved Halloween and was a fun time to get everyone together when it wasn't so chaotic. As an adult, she now loves her birthday
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I voted yes because my Dad's b-day is Dec. 24 and he still feels like he got the short end of the stick.
When I was trying to conceive I wanted to have a summer baby for this reason, but lo and behold she was born on Dec. 22. I think that when she is old enough, if she wants to, we will have a summer party for her. Not a half birthday party just a party in her honor that she can be a part of (no gifts). If she feels like she needs a b-day party I might move it up to the beginning of the month (Dec.).
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DS was born a few days before xmas. We celebrate his half-bday in June. No presents (maybe one) or big deal, just a special day, because the real special day seems less special with xmas around the corner.
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I wouldn't, we're all fall/winter birthdays here. Sometimes I'd like to have my birthday earlier or later since it's xmas eve, but I'm just kinda goosed that way. I have to think of creative ways to spoil myself. We used to have my birthday parties the weekend before school breaked for xmas. Which is roughly the same time of my DS2's birthday.

In your shoes, I'd just have a summer celebration. Make a happy cake, have his friends over, and have a blast.
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DD is a November birthday and we celebrate her birthday on her birthday with the family that is close by. She has plenty of time to play with friends and enjoy them at other times and there are plenty of birthday parties year round that she gets to enjoy with them so I don't think I would be open to having yet another one. Her birthday is special to us because we love her and to her friends because they get cake and a goodie bag, I don't want to support her friends materialism twice a year just because they didn't make it the first time. I think that special family celebration days are important though and we do these regularly so we all feel special together.
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I haven't read all of the responses, but I've thought about doing this. DD's 2 & 4 are both February birthdays and it's harder (I've found) to do parties in the winter. I think if I did it I wouldn't make it a "birthday" party, just a fun get-together with friends.
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I have never heard of this and I can say, I most likely would not attend a half birthday party unless it was for close family members.
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My brothers birthday is Dec. 29. He never really had a party except for one that I can remember because his friends were always gone for Christmas stuff since we were off from school. As he got older he'd go out with a friend (or friends) to a movie, but when he was too young to do that on his own he didn't have parties.

We never moved his birthday party because summer is bad for that too (my birthday is July 10).

If you think you'd have a better turn out though you could try it. I would certainly come to a half birthday party if I was invited.
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My nephew's birthday is December 26th and his family celebrates both Hannukah and Christmas. So, December is a very busy time for our family. He usually has his birthday parties in mid-January.

My son's birthday is in July. Friends are often out of town but we celebrate with whomever is around.
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I don't think I'd do a half-birthday shindig, although I (and my kids) would probably attend someone elses. My youngest is a November baby, and we will be doing a big winter party somewhere during the month of November.

If I had a christmas baby, I would likely just bring the party forward, say to the end of November/beginning of December, or if it's early January, just hold it towards the end of January when all the christmas chaos is over.

I just prefer to hold parties around the time of the actual birth date.
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Honestly, I think it's a weird idea. My birthday is a week before Xmas and I live in Cleveland, and we get wicked bad weather, but it was never so bad that I felt like we couldn't do something. My older son was born in February and we'll do his party as close to his birthday as possible. I think if the parents make the day special, then that's really all that matters. I think doing an actual birthday celebration 6 months later sends a message that their actual day is not that special and inconvenient, and that's exactly the opposite message of what I would think you want to send.
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I voted "no" but didn't stop and read the poll question until after I voted...didn't realize it was different than the thread title! Anyhow, I would go to a half birthday, as long as I wasn't expected to go to a regular birthday party AND a half birthday party. I personally wouldn't do half birthday parties for my family, though. My birthday is mid-November and I never minded it being fairly close to the holidays. My DD's birthday is shortly before Christmas, and once she's a bit older I plan to have her birthday party at least a week earlier than her birthday just so it's not right on top of Christmas. This baby is due Dec. 1 and I'll probably try to have his/her parties right around the birthday so that there's at least 10 days or so spacing between DC2's birthday parties and DD's birthday parties.
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I always wanted a winter birthday

My bday is in july and all of my friends were on vacation, and school was out. I wanted my mom to bring in cupcakes for the class and there was no class in July. I think the grass is always greener on the other side.
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I haven't had one yet, but I plan to.

I hated having a January birthday. It seriously sucked. Half the time, my parties were cancelled because of blizzards.

I have attended half birthday parties.
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I was born January 8 and my parents did the best they could to always have a birthday party for me every year while I was a kid. It was always hard for them to plan since invitations had to go out mid-December before all my classmates were on winter break.

DH's birthday is December 26 and this past year my parents insisted on celebrating it, even though it was the day after Christmas (his family is 450 miles away). It was just a casual dinner out but it still meant a lot to him since apparently his family had always just lumped his birthday with Christmas.

Between DH and myself having birthdays really close to Christmas, I don't find any fault with half-birthdays in the summer. But I would highly recommend doing something special on the actual birthday (even if it does fall on a holiday), even if it's just them picking out dinner than night.
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Colleen's birthday is December 15th. My family lives far enough away that coming up to my house for both her birthday and Christmas would be difficult. Not only time wise but also $$ wise since gas is so high. I refuse to combine her birthday and Christmas at any time. So, we have a half-birthday party for her in June and only invite my dad, my sister and her family. In December we have a party with Josh's side of the family (his sister's birthday is December 17th so they are use to keeping it separate). His family only lives 5 miles away so it's no big deal to get together one weekend for her birthday and the next for Christmas/Solstice.

Our other two kids have had no problem with this set up. They have never even asked about having a half-birthday also. We explained to them why we do it this way and they totally get it.
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My younger daughter's birthday is Feb. 5th and we've never had an issue celebrating it in the winter, and no discussion of half birthdays either. I honestly think it's a weird idea.
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DD's birthday is Dec 28, and we haven't had any party for her other than just a small one at home, but I figured I'd do something different in the summer for her due to it being so close to the holidays.

If we did something in the summer, we wouldn't celebrate again in December. She would only get one birthday celebration, not two.

I'm not sure about half birthdays, because they seem like an almost arbitrary thing to celebrate. But her first day of life (conception) was in April. And that DOES seem like a legitimate thing to celebrate, the beginning of her life.

DH disagrees, though. He thinks explaining to the other children that this is DD's conception day would be a little weird...

So we haven't decided what we're doing yet. But I would definitely go to a half birthday party and treat it just as a regular birthday party, trusting that the parents know what works best for their family.
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We live in PA. I'm born in December. Worse yet, on Christmas Eve. I've never had a half birthday party. There's plenty of fun, awesome stuff to do in the winter (laser tag, anyone??), and besides - people who care enough will show up whatever day it is. I just learned who I mattered enough to and it taught me to really enjoy small, intimate parties. My biggest party was my 13th - I had 8 friends. It was a blast (we went BOWLING! ). I've had others with just two or three, and we could do so much more.

PS - I don't like it mainly because it's reinforcing that summer birthdays (and their parties) are better by waiting. Also, I always thought it was bad luck to celebrate your birthday before the actual date - maybe I'm just superstitious.
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My birthday is in September around Labor day which actually works out nicely for out door parties, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. One day I was talking about how I wish my birthday was closer to Halloween so that I could have a Halloween birthday party. My step-dad said that just because your birthday is in September doesn't mean you have to celebrate it then. You can celebrate you birthday anytime you want to. So for my 16th birthday we had a Halloween party. So honestly if your kid really wants that nice out door party, or pool party or whatever I say have a little family get together around their birthday, but through the big birthday party with all their friends in the summer, or late spring.
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