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West Asheville internet service

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Tell me what you use and how you like it! I'm looking for anything but dialup with the lowest possible startup cost. So far my only options seem to be Charter (seeing as every aspect of their cable service sucks I'd rather not deal with them for anything else.) and MAIN (looks good but I don't have $250+ for startup.

Any other options? TIA
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Have you already checked out Bellsouth (at&t)? I use their dsl for about $25 a month, I think - it's the mid-level one. I don't remember if there was a start-up cost, so if there was one, it must not have been much!

I'd like to get MAIN also, but am in a house I'm selling soon, so it seems pointless to invest the start-up cost and then move I'll do it in the next house, though - then I wouldn't have to have a land-line!!
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Ya I tried bellsouth but apparently I'm in a no-service pocket. pulled up my MIL's house 1/2 mile away and she could get it but none for me. Sucks- I have dialup with them and have always been pleased with their service. I did find Skyrunner and they look great but again with the big startup cost. Maybe it's time for a yard sale to fund my startup huh?
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