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Peanut Oil and Peanut Allergies

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So, DD2 is allergic to peanuts, according to a scratch test when she was 9mo. I had suspected peanuts because I was eating peanuts by the handful and she developed a rash and painful stomach ache (she was exclusively BF at the time). So no big life-or-death reaction, but still not fun. She has never actually had a peanut, BTW, but DD1 eats PB sandwiches at the same table as DD2 and she doesn't have a reaction to that.

Anyway, I go to evening classes three times a week and one day when I come home and DD2 says "mommy, why does my tummy hurt?" I ask her if it's because she was hungry. DH says "Oh, she ate a ton of chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A!" And I'm like "They fry in peanut oil!!"

So, I've read that peanut oil does not cause problems in most people with peanut allergies, but DD2 had the exact same response to peanut oil that she had to peanut in my breastmilk. I'm must confused. I wouldn't think that her peanut allergy is a life-or-death one. She has even touched peanuts on occasion and has had no reaction. I just though it a mild-ish allergy, but now this peanut oil thing baffles me.

So, what have your experiences been with peanut oil? Are any of your DCs severely allergic to peanuts and not peanut oil? Moderately allergic to peanuts and also peanut oil? Or what?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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Some pa people can safely ingest peanut oil, because sometimes it's refined enough that the proteins are absent. IMO that's too big of a risk.
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MyDD(soon to be 3) has peanut allergy along with many others. She was exposed to Chic-fil-A prior to us figuring out she was peanut allergic. She would get hives on her arms or legs. She was only exposed a few times. She ate some of her brothers peanut cookie when she was almost 2. We could not get to the ER fast enough. Major reaction. Now she gets asthmatic if even around peanut butter or oil. Her IgE values are very elevated. Her allergist said to avoid all peanut oil as more exposure may cause major reaction.
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If she had a positive skin result, did the doctor follow-up with bloodwork?

Any IgE food allergy has the potential to turn anaphylactic. Some people who are allergic can tolerate refined peanut oil, some cannot. It's generally recommended that children with peanut allergies strictly avoid all peanut products.

It sounds like you need an allergist who is more proactive. Do you have an epi-pen jr for her?
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Honestly I would take all peanut products out of your home, and avoid peanut oil as well. Each time she is exposed the reaction will likely be worse, and it's very likely she will have an anaphylactic reaction at some point. As a pp said, it's just not worth the risk. I would have RAST testing done as well.
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