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Hospital grade breastpump feedback, please!

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Ok, so I'm going to be trying to induce lactation for the new babe (we're due in March via a gestational surrogate).... Part of that means in a few months I need to start pumping like CRAZY. I really want to get the biggest, baddest, best pump out there. (I am going to let a friend use it now to store up some extra mm in the freezer, then I'll use it to relactate, then continue letting a friend use it to get some supplemental milk...sounds complicated, huh?) Anyway, so I think based on how LONG I'll need an awesome pump, it is probably more cost effective to buy one, rather than rent one. I had a PIS and it was fine, but not as good as the Lactina.

SOooooo, I'm thinking of buying a lactina, but ran across 2 other hospital grade pumps. One is the Medela symphony and the other is called the Ameda Egnell (never heard of it before). I would really appreciate any input on those that anyone might have. Or any other hospital grade awesome one....


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I think the Ameda Engell is the gold standard in hospital pumps. The milk collection system is FDA certified (or something) and does not allow for milk to back up into the tubes leading to a possibility of contamination. Both places I have worked while pumping for my LOs have had these pumps in the pumping rooms. It is very simple to operate - on/off and a suction dial, no cycle speed dial like a PIS/PISA or Ameda Purely Yours. HTH.
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My suggestion would be to call Ameda(evenflo) directly and speak with them anout the best option for you. They are very helpful and ship super quick!
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I would go with the Ameda. It's a great pump, generally not too expensive, and has a good resell value so you could Ebay it after you're done.
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we rented the symphony (medela) and it's lovely. quiet, comfortable, easy to use. i do need an extra hand though to turn it on, since you have to hold both pumps over the breasts--so a friend helps.

good luck!
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after 3 hospital grade pumps i settled on the symphony:! It was amazing and so quiet (the Lactina is NOISY and after you pump for hrs a day that becomes an issue. I EPumped with mine and now I am looking to sell . PM me if you are interested in purchasing it at a discount over full price it still has a full warrentee with medela. Also it is a closed system meant for multiple users since it is hospital grade!

(sorry the post is so erratic, it is bed time for everyone and my husband leaves fo 2 days tomorrow morning)
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my lo was 10 weeks early and is still in the nicu. i have been using the ameda elite since the day after his birth and it is awesome. easy to use/clean and has helped me to create and keep an excellent supply.
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Originally Posted by amahrey View Post
my lo was 10 weeks early and is still in the nicu. i have been using the ameda elite since the day after his birth and it is awesome. easy to use/clean and has helped me to create and keep an excellent supply.
I was wondering if you (or anyone else) find this unit to be too loud. Thanks!
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Another question: if anyone has had the opportunity to try both the Medela & the Ameda ...do you find that the dual controls (one for cycle speed & one for suction) on the Ameda is of vital importance versus only have one combination speed/suction control on the Medela? TIA!!
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I rented, then purchased, the Ameda Elite. I exclusively pumped with it for about 15 months, so it got a lot of use. I use it once/day now for new baby.

They do have great re-sale value, even the very old ones, as I think there aren't many on sale out there and they do work well.

It was already a couple years old when I bought it, so it can get a bit squeaky, but it's not too loud. Depends what you mean by loud though. If you are in the same room, then yes you can hear it, but I never minded while at home. The loudest part is the click sound to turn it on and off. If baby was in same room, it would sometimes wake her up! I used it at work and assumed no one could hear it through a closed door. Well, no one ever said they could anyway!

As far as the dials go, I started off using both the suction and speed dials and would adjust them before and after milk flowed. However, after a few weeks I'd always keep it on the same speed setting and same suction level. My body just seemed to know what to do once I'd pumped a lot. I think the suction control is more important than the speed one, as you don't want it to suck too hard, as this could cause nipple damage or just make it uncomfortable, and therefore harder to pump.
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Thanks EM!!
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