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Slavic boy names?

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THis is for a friend who's having a boy in a few months. They want a Slavic name to honor their heritage but are having a hard time finding ones that work in the U.S. She likes Sascha, her DH thinks it's too "girly."

Any webistes or ideas for her?

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Let's see, my husband is Ukrainian and we wanted names that his relatives could relate to, pronounce, etc. Dh's name is Sasha (short for Alexander)

My baby boy is Luka. (her husband would consider that kind of girly, too, I think!)

I also liked Roman, Ivan, Boris and Konstantine (cute nickname = Kostya).

If she googles it there are tons of baby name websites with an international names section so she can go through a bunch
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Sasha is just short for Aleksander, so you could always name him Aleksandr! I like Alexei / Alyosha and Ilya. But most of the diminutives end in "a" and are going to sound feminine to the English ear. Mikahil=Misha, Pavel=Pasha, etc. Maksim is Maks, though. Yevgeniy (Eugene) is a nice one, though the nickname, Zhenya, is not up on my list.

Make sure they get the root of the name before deciding it's Slavic, though. I found some lists where Tatar / Asian / Muslim names were included. These may be names of the Russian Empire / Federation (e.g. Rakhmaninov) but they are not strictly speaking Slavic.
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Dmitry/Dmitri. (short: Dima)
Alexander. (short: Sascha)
Mikhail. (short: Mikki)
Pavel. (short: Pasha)
Stanislav (short: Stass)

Are all the male Slavic names I can think of. (It seems I know quite a few Slavic people - and no, my family is not ).
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Kirill is one of my favorites and doesn't have an "a" sound dimunitive (typically). There's also Nikolai ("Kolya") which hasn't been transformed into a girl's name here and can be Nick instead for short upon choice.
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Aleksandar, Aleksa, Ace
Boro, Boris, Branko,
Dino, Dragan, Dragoljub
Igor, Ivica, Ilija
Miro, Miroslav, Milan, Mladen, Milosh, Marjan
Nikola, Nenad
Petar, Peter, Predrag, Pecko
Slavica, Slavisha, Stanko, Stevo, Sasho, Sasha, Stole
Tesla, Trajko, Trajan,
Vlado, Vladomir, Vancho
Zdravko, Zoran, Zvonko

The above are very slavic. Hope this helps.
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I think my favorite Slavic male name is Yaroslav, although if we had a boy, we'd probably go with Mykola (because dd's name is Myroslava which is too close to Yaroslav).
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slavic names

My dh is Oleg though the name is most likely of Scandinavian origin. DS1 is Maxim (Max) and DS2 is Luca (stress on the second syllable). Gavril is one of my favorite, it is a form of Gabriel. Max and Luca haven't had any problems with their names in the US. Anton might be a good name if they are concerned about how it will be here. My friend Dmitrij goes by Dima and is also easy enough to pronounce. Best wishes to your friend.
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DS1 is Aleksandr, I looked at a lot traditional Polish names. Though not neccesarily Slavic I liked:

Leon(family name, might use it for another boy)
Jozef (yo-sef)

And there are LOTS of names Americans are used to that have traditional Slavic spellings!
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traceface, I'm also married to a Ukrainian man who goes by Sasha. My FIL is Alyosha.

So Sasha is definitely a favorite Slavic name. I also really like Mikhail (Misha,) my DH's uncle's name. I also love the name Yevgeny, although I don't love Eugene.
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