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Originally Posted by mcng View Post
Well new born piercings are not usually done with a gun
in what country?
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Well I only have experience in Venezuela as that is where I had my kids, but i think in most of latin america where people pierce babys ears the piercing is done with a piercing earing, their earlobes are so soft they go in really fast with a tiny bit of pressure.
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Originally Posted by aquarian View Post
I just wanted to add... Are you married? That's possibly why you are getting scolded

I think once you are married, you are keeper of your houses 'kaam', meaning material pleasures, like cooking, wealth (especially), ect.

When I got married, I got a lot of jewelry, much of it with the expectation I'd wear it everyday. I've been married for two years, and just keep taking stuff off!!!
Yes I am

But you know I could be wearing a necklace, rings, bangles, payals, the whole nine yards, but if I'm not wearing earrings it doesn't even matter! They'll still say I'm naked and not wearing jewelry!

Oh well
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I am Peruvian, and we have the same cultural norm as your husband. In Peru, baby girls actually get their ears pierced the day they are born - a nurse does it at the hospital. Or the parents/relatives do it a few days later at home. So I've had my ears pierced since birth. I am one to question any kind of cultural norm and will not impose this on my baby girl (hubby and I are having our 1st baby, a little girl) simply because it makes no sense to me. I think it's mostly done to "beautify" the baby, and to be able to tell right away wether it's a boy or a girl. Whatever the argument, I will not hurt my baby in such a way. I am doing the best I can taking care of her in utero and loving her....why would I purposefully hurt her by piercing her flesh?

Since in your case, it is your husband pushing the issue....discuss the rationality of the matter. Is it really rational to put your baby through pain just to fulfill a social norm? It's not something that is medically necessary...it's simply one of those things that every culture has, that when questioned doesn't really have a good basis on which to stand. If he really want her to wear ear rings, they do have the pain free sticker kind, and the pressure kind. I'm sure your baby girl is beautiful without the need of pierced adornments.

Good luck with hubby.
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Wow, this has been a great discussion. I think I'll be able to win over DP with some of the info given here. I think he will like the idea more if I tell him that it can be like a right of passage for her when she is old enough to chose to have it done and care for all that comes with it. DP's parents are trying to get visa's to come to the US. : It's still a few months out.... but I think I'll have to use the ped. excuse then. Funny, they'll probably buy it cuz it's a western style doctor, which isn't my first choice but she's pretty crunchy so she meets my standards somewhat more than they realize.

And I totally agree with LorenaAZ, DD is so beautiful, additional adornment is not necessary. Of course I am biased, but I think she is perfect the way nature/I made her.
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