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Agreeing with others-you should get your iron levels checked to make sure you're not anemic.
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I'm not anemic, but I LOVE ice. I always have though, not just during this pregnancy. I especially love the crushed pellet type of ice. They have this at Big Boys, and I am totally craving it now.
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fellow ice chewers... how are you on frozen cokes? Thats my other fave item right now its the ONLY soda Ive had since Ive been pregnant but that coke/icey flavor is SOOOOO nice:
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Originally Posted by _betsy_ View Post
Crashing into your DDC, but have your care provider check your iron levels. Craving ice is a form of Pica - the syndrome that makes people want to lick ashtrays or eat dirt.
I second the checking iron. It *probably* isn't the case but there is still a chance it's iron.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one! lol. I thought I was going to be weird. Looks like it's pretty normal.
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I was never a big ice fan until I got pregnant. I eat a lot of ice now. My iron levels were checked in early pregnancy and they were fine. Not sure how muy iron levels are now....
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Originally Posted by Dahlea View Post
Agreeing with others-you should get your iron levels checked to make sure you're not anemic.
I already have and I am a little anemic.
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Originally Posted by JBaxter View Post
Ive been a big ice muncher the past 2 months or so my blood work was PERFECT so it has nothing to do with iron levels for me. I esp love it after it sits in a glass of tea or water for about 5-10 min so the cubes are starting to melt...

yes I have it down to a science
I'm the same way! I call myself an ice connoisseur because I know the best places in our city to get ice, even the best gas station bagged ice. It's sad.

Even though I'm not a soda drinker, my favorite ice is in the bottom of a cup of a friends or my DH's coke. Mmmmmm. Although my new favorite (and much healthier) addiction has been the ice that's been soaking in my red rasberry leaf tea. Good stuff!

Oh, and my iron levels have always been fine - I just LOVE ice!
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