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advice-working in the field and pumping!

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Hi all....my second baby starts day care tomorrow, she is five months old. She will be there two days a week. I am free lance and work from home, but at least once a week I may be out having meetings, far from daycare. I need to figure out how to get those three bottles for her, and pumping w/ her , a toddler and a business needs to happen somehow. I have some organic formula as a back up and a few extras in the freezer.

I don't want to supplement but she is approaching six months and we are talking one to two bottles a week, max. I nurse exclusively other days, no solids yet.

I cannot figure out how else to do this? In my car in broad daylight? anyone else been in my shoes?

Would love some support or relief of my guilt! Thanks!
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I pumped on occasion in my car.

I also would ask people at meetings/events if there was a place I could pump in private. I used professor's offices, locker rooms, conference rooms, principal's offices, nurses exam rooms, vacant hotel rooms (while presenting at a conference), etc.

if you inform the people who are hosting the meeting that you will need a secluded, clean place with electricity, they are usually happy to oblige.
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I've had to run all over the place while pumping several times.

First, I always ask if there's a place, office, or somewhere I can pump. It never hurts to ask, and a lot of times, someone can fix you up with something, especially if you are able to ask before hand.

When I don't really like what's offered (Like the couple of times someone suggested I use the bathroom, for example, which I find yicky) I will go out and pump in my car (w/ the A/c on) w/ a battery pack or w/ the adapter. If you really don't want other people to be able to see you much, you can use one of those wind-shield sun-shade things, and that really lowers visibility. Also it keeps your car cooler, so, double bonus!

If you need to build up a stash, the best time is early in the morning before everyone wakes up.

I found that some days, it was actually quicker/easier to use a hand-pump on one boob for an ounce or three than it was to get out the whole set-up and clean it all up after. So that may be something you might think about. I used both the Lansinoh hand pump, and the Avent Isis hand pump. Both have that funny silicone "massage-y" thing that supposedly can help you let down faster/easier. I do like it. The Avent comes with a set that makes it really easy to transport and keep from getting messy even after you pump, but only fits the non-standard bottle sizes.
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Ok..first when I read your title I really thought you were actually working a FIELD (like cotton or corn) because we farm and I was going to suggest hiding in a tractor or bringing along an attachment to plug into a truck or something.. Oops!

I would pump in the car or find a very nice place around town (local library or doctor's office maybe?) who would let you pump there. I once pumped at a local children's museum. Just a thought..
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