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Fairy tale books for three year olds?

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DD is really really into the Disney princesses. I mean REALLY into them. She hadn't even heard of them until I bought some pull-ups that had them on them and now somehow she knows everything about them. (She's never seen the movies etc).

I realized she doesn't even know the storys about Cinderella etc but I don't want her to learn the stories via Disney. So I went to our library to find books with fairy tales - but couldn't find them!! There were books that told fairy tales but had very few pictures and pages and pages of text. I think DD might sit through that but I'd prefer something more on the picture-book side. When I looked for Cinderella I found books like "Carribean Cinderella" and others, but what I want is just good books that tell the traditional fairy tales on a level a three year old can get into.

Does anyone have suggestions for good books to look for? Or specific authors I might try?
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There are Disney Fairy books. There's The Trouble with Tink, A Masterpiece for Bess, Fira and the Full Moon (I think). There are a few others as well.

You would be surprised what a 3 year old can "get into". DD has loved the Disney Fairies and read all the ones at our libraries. What she loves even more is the Rainbow Magic Fairies by Daisy Meadows. We've asked the library to order in the most recent ones. She's read all of them (there's about 40 in the series). I realize that's not what you were asking for as they aren't traditional fairy tales, but if she liked the Disney princesses, she may like these as well. Besides, traditional fairy tales often have scary undertones.

FWIW, our DD isn't even into princesses and fairies. She prefers pirates, skeletons and all things to do with the human body, but she loves these fairy books. She has no interest in fairies whatsoever outside the stories.
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For little ones, the classic fairy tales are pretty hard to find--this is a nice collection, there is an illustration every page and a half or so with a matching illustration.

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THIS is the one that I've been reading to ds. It's his favorite. I don't read it word for word (traditional fairy tales aren't all fluffy and nice). The illustrations are incredibly beautiful and this book will grow with the child.
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We have Treasury of Bedtime Stories. It's from '99, and I haven't checked Amazon, but I imagine it can be found. It is adapted by Jane Jerrard, Bette Killion, and Carolyn Quattrocki.
It has fairy tales of princesses (Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast) as well as other traditional tales like Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk.
I like this book for its variety. DD loves princesses and fairies, too, but will also enjoy the other stories chosen by her brother.

Found it.
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