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Anyone do FLYLADY routine?

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Im reading SINK REFLECTIONS right now.......

I really want to do this, but having trouble getting started.....

Anyone do this routine? How did you get started and is it still working for you?
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Get dressed to shoes & go shine your sink !
More later .
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I try. I never follow the routine precisely, and frequently fall off the wagon, but really this is why I like the system...I never feel bad about it. Just throw some shoes on my feet and get started wherever I'm at. I say just start with any part of the plan that you think you may stick with. To me the beauty of the whole thing is her attitude. I can jump in wherever I am, do things my own way if I don't like hers, and my home stays cleaner than it would without her advice. Like th elast poster advised, just get dressed to the shoes, go shine your sink, and go from there. Anything you don't like, change. If it doesn't end up working out for you, the worst that's happened is your sink is a bit cleaner.
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Do you guys keep the control journals?
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I do flylady! It is awesome! I have a control journal that I made a few years ago when I started. It seriously needs to be updated.
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I've been thinking about checking it out, but once I sit down at the computer I have no desire to get up and clean!

I have heard good things, though, so maybe I'll get off my butt one day...
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What's a "control journal"?

Sounds ominous.

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I do Flylady, but I've fallen off the wagon lately. Thanks for the reminder to get back at it. I love the control journal concept, but not the name, so I named mine the *Happy Mommy's Guidebook* ~ cheesy, but it makes it a little easier to stomach for me. And I have a big, cheerful daffodil on the cover of mine.

I printed out the holiday control journal from the flylady website. If you *do* Christmas, it's a great little tool for keeping track of everything - and it's free! I'm planning on filling mine out tonight... after I go shine my dingy sink. :
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I did flylady a few years ago and loved it. I have been wanting to get back on the wagon---I just always seem to find excuses about why I can't get back to it. I need a kick in the but. We've moved into our first home now and while most of hte unpacking is done, I need to get organized. Now would be the easiest time to do it since we did throw out so much stuff during the move.

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I'm another one who tries to do routines. Sometimes I have agreat day and this place looks good; other days (like today, with a sick child) not so good.

I agree that the system's main point is for you not to feel bad about yourself when you don't do it. I also love the slogan "housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." How true, but it has taken me awhile to learn it!

A control journal is essentially a notebook that has sections in it for reminders of various things. It can be as simple as you want. Mine has various sections and it has become a very important tool for me to keep track of "life." also, I've put so much info in it that would be vital for my dh to have if an accident happens and I'm incapacitated, since I keep track of most of this stuff arouond here.

I think it's a terrific system
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back in colorado I started doing her routine and I must say once you get used to doing it, it does become kind of second nature. In about 2 weeks I was definitly more organized. I haven't read sink reflections, is it just about doing routines. The only thing that bugged me about flylady was all the "daily reminder's".
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The book is basically all the concepts from the web site for people who are not on line. I found it pretty redundant, but my mum has it now since she doesn't have a computer. (it hasn't helped her a bit, but I think she's beyond it, but that's another story...) Anyway, I also thought it should have had more examples & sample routines, etc. I wouldn't bother if I were you.
As for the the reminders, I found I was just deleting anything that said "reminder" without even reading the subject line, so after unsubbing while on vacation one time I never went back.
I now belong to a couple of local flylady yahoo groups that are pretty active, so I get my "fix" that way.
I try to keep my sink empty & sometimes shiny & some other small things have become a habit. I need to redo my routines, though. Just looked at them the other day for the first time in (apparently) a very long time. It has "change/potty dd" on the morning routine - she's been out of diapers during the day for over a year & at night for almost 6 months :LOL .
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I fly...but in my own way. Start slowly and do what works for you. I don't do the "dressed to the shoes" thing because if I do, my workouts will never happen. I usually work out in the afternoon, and i don't shower until I'm all done with that.

I don't keep a control journal either. I pick and choose, and my house is still cleaner than its ever been.

Remember, "even housework done incorrectly still benefits your family."
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I just found Flylady a few months ago. I did ok at first, but when I realized that my ENTIRE house was supposed to be decluttered at some point, I got overwhelmed and stopped. When my email box had 300 Flylady emails in it, I decided I ought to try it out again. That was yesterday. The system seemed much easier this time around because I already understand the concepts and know all of the acronyms. I did really well yesterday (even did my before bed routine) but my 2 year old was up from 3:30 am - 5:30 am and back up at 7am so I am not sure how good today will be. As it is right now, I do not have my shoes on. I am in my pj's and robe :. I also find the control journal to be overwhelming, so I just write out a list at the beginning of the week of what I want to do on what days. For me, that is a HUGE step. She is totally right that the clutter and mess create stress and depression. That is my main reason for wanting to change. Hopefully I will continue to "FLY".
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I have a totaly completed and very pretty control journal sitting at the bottom of a very cluttered junk drawer. LOL

I love the idea of FlyLady. And it really works, but the key is, you have to keep up with it. I am famous for starting lots of things, and but only keeping up with a few.

I should get back on board too....where are those lace up shoes I bought for flying?
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I read the book and loved it I was a flybaby-- but the emails drove me nuts.

Also, I hate to wear shoes.

I might try it again.....
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I flew for awhile, and then I got a bunch of childhood stuff delivered from my dad when he sold our house and got completely overwhelmed by all these boxes. Have finally cleared most of that away now and should really go back to it. I was VERY happy when I was flying!!

The e-mails bug me, too. I think she needs 2 lists -- one for just the basic reminders and one for the touchy-feely stuff. And she's on the East Coast and it annoys me to be told to go to bed at 6 PM!! LOL

I never got dressed to the shoes, though. Don't wear shoes indoors -- never have. In Alaska, it's considered dirty. Shoes are for OUTside. So, my rule was to get "dressed to the watch and earrings" which just meant that I made myself look nice every morning and put on my watch, which makes me feel like I'm ready to go out and be presentable at a moment's notice.

DH was even getting into it -- the hotspot patrolling was changing my life. Now my 3 tables are all messy again.

Yup, absolutely - time to get on the ball & shine my sink again!!
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ooooh.. this thread inspired me to go back to flylady.net and give it another chance. the first time i took it on i didn't read throo her whole philosophy and stuff, i just subscribed to her messages and got very overloaded very quickly and gave up.

but i'm liking what she has to say. especially the baby steps.. this makes sense to me even tho a part of me is fighting it saying NO! i have to clean it ALL at once.. yet i know that this attitude is what in fact causes so much clutter and chaos.. because i pull out stuff in a moment of grand inspiration, and don't have time to put it away before it gets dragged throo the entire house by my 3 year old.. or i get distracted..

so, for you vetrans, the first thing is shine your sink.. and then nextdevelop a morning and evening routine, right? what kinda stuff goes on the routine? just general go-around-picking-things-up stuff? and then once you have that down you're supposed to move on to the zones, right? but only spend 15 mins a day on each? am i missing anything?

well.. i'm excited.. i've had so many cleaning routines and rotating schedules etc etc and they never work. i think baby steps and zones are key. that makes a lot of sense to me.
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