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Clive was hit by a truck..

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DH left the gate open last night and I didn't realize it. The dogs got out this morning.

Clive was hit by a work truck down the street. He's at the vet right now. We just have to wait and see at this point. He couldn't walk or stand but it doesn't look like he has any broken legs, hips, or shoulders. He may have a broken rib. The x-rays were not too clear as they didn't want to move him too much. So far no signs of internal bleeding but the vet said it's too early to tell. The vet said it looks as if he was hit on his head and upper chest. We don't know if he has any brain injury yet. We also don't know if we can save his right eye. The eye has pretty severe trauma to it. However, that's the least concern right now.

So he's to remain at the vet for the next few days. They are giving him pain meds, fluids, and steriods to help control the shock.

They should call me later today and give me an update.

I need to try and keep myself distracted.
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I'm so sorry. You'll be in my thoughts.
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Oh No!! poor thing! wishing a fast recovery and hope for no broken bones.
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Hope your dog is ok. Poor guy.
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I'm so sorry!

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Sorry to hear what happened, how scary! I hope he recovers quickly.
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I'm so sorry, I hope that he has a good outcome. You must be totally in shock.
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Oh no, sending healing vibes to your pup!
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OMG! Noooooooooooo!! Oh I hope he's ok :
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Sending healing energy for the pup and warm thoughts to your family.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry mama. I hope your dog will be ok.
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KH- I'm so sorry. Be gentle, and hugs to you, your dh, and your poor pup.
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Update from vet....

She said Clive is looking around a bit and even wagged his tail. They took him outside but he still won't walk or stand. He also did not urinate. No interest in water. The swelling in his eye has gone done and it has stopped bleeding. She said the "globe" looked like it's clearing. I don't know what the globe is. He's still really stressed as his pulse is still high and he's still panting.

If he is not standing or walking tomorrow then they will do repeat x-rays.

So now we just wait to see how tomorrow goes.
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I hope Clive continues to improve and is back home and 100% before you know it.
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OMG how sad. I am so sorry about Clive. I hope he continues to improve. I will be sending some: his way.
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Let us know how it goes... hang in there!
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How's he doing today?
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Kliene, sending big s to you and yours. I hope Clive is doing better today. Rascal and I will light a candle for him.
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No change today. He's still not wanting to move or drink. So they still have him on IV fluids and a cath.

I will talk to the vet tomorrow morning to discuss things then.

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news.
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