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Did they do another xray/ultrasound, etc?
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Vet just called.

As I stated earlier Clive can't stand or walk yet. Tomorrow they will check for internal injuries again. He still has a lot of swelling. He is also showing signs of the right side of his face (where he was hit) being paralyzed.

Vet did say that he was alert today and looking around and he ate some food.

So I'm trying to take the good news with the bad.

I'm supposed to cook dinner now but I'm just crying.
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I'm so sorry, that has to be so difficult. Sometimes when there is a head injury time helps a lot...I hope it's like that in his case.

Maybe your DH could get some takeout or have a cereal night or something. Take it easy, lots of hugs to you.

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awe, Kliene, wish I could fly down there just to give you a . But that's certainly good news he's eating again and is alert!
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I'm so sad for your dog (and for you).
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I'm so sorry. I'll keep checking for updates.
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Talked to the vet just now. The good news is he is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom on his own.

He has a lot of bruising that has shown up on his belly. Intially she thought that he was just hit on the upper part of his body including his head. Now, she believes he was fit full on his entire body. He can stand with a special harness (that's how they take him outside so he can go potty) and he tries to put his weight on his front legs.

So they are going to do bloodwork to check for damage to his kidneys and liver. Also they will be doing more x-rays to check his lungs (as he's still breathing heavy) and to check his hips. So : that he has no broken bones or other internal injuries. We're hoping that he is just really really sore and bruised and that's why he's not standing/walking.

As for his face, she said only time will tell. The major nerve that runs along the face obviously has suffered trauma. It could repair and his face may be normal or not. We don't know about his eye yet either. She hasn't done a complete eye exam yet as she's focusing on the other issues first.

He's on two types of pain meds so I hope he's not in a lot of pain and suffering. I hate to think of him suffering and in pain especially with me not being with him. That is hard too. Does he think I've abandoned him because I'm not with him?

It's sad to watch my other dog. He kind of mopes around and he sits looking out the window at the road where Clive was run over.

I'm really hoping for good news this afternoon after the tests.
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Good update. I'll be continuing to send healing vibes to Clive
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I just saw this thread. I am so glad to hear that he is feeling at least a bit better and eating/drinking/urinating on his own. That is a good sign! I'll be sending Clive some healing thoughts. And, hugs to you of course.
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Great update. Would they let your other dog come visit him, or is it too soon for that?
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Thinking of all of you.

Do you want me to come over tomorrow to hang out with the boys so you can visit Clive?
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End of day update...

The test results are back and things are looking good.

His chest x-ray shows no air or blood in the chest cavity. Lungs look good.

His spine/hip x-ray shows no visible fractures or displacements. He may have small hairline fractures that can't be seen but the treatment for that would just be lots of rest anyway.

His bloodwork was:

Protein normal range

Liver enzymes are a bit high but she's not concerned about it.

Kidney numbers are also within normal range

Blood sugar is a bit high but again she's not concerned.

His CBC count is low which indicates that he lost quite a bit of blood. As I said though there is no sign of massive internal bleeding. She said the low count correlates to the amount of bruising he has everywhere.

She told me he is in a great deal of pain and they are giving him as much pain meds as they can, but that he is not pain free. He is proably not standing because of the amount of pain. She said she had to give him an extra dose of pain med just to take the x-rays he's that sore.

His appetite has decreased but she said that is proably because the pain is really kicking in now. He is still eating...just not as much or often.

She wants to repeat the blood test tomorrow to see if his CBC is coming up. If it is up then we can possibly bring him home tomorrow evening!

I'm so relieved that I cried. There's been a lot of crying these past few days. I guess it doesn't help that I'm 7 months pg. Although, I'm sure I'd have cried regardless.

So keep the vibes coming that his CBC levels are getting better and he can come home!
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Only a dog named for Clive Cussler could survive a car crash with such vigor!

I hope you get him soon (and I hope the bill isn't exorbatant).
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Great update! I hope he continues to do well.
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Wow, glad that he doesn't appear to have any internal injuries! Sorry he's in pain, hopefully he'll be feeling much better really soon!
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Sounds like the best possible news. I will continue to send good thoughts for his continued recovery.

And for your having pet insurance...
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