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tandam nursing question

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I think this is the best place to put this. So we are going to TTC this month... which would make ds about 2 1/2 when a new baby comes (give or take) Currently he is BF on demand and we also co-sleep. So here is the question:

When I roll over and switch sides he almost always nurses a little to settle down again. (doesn't wake up but will if he doesn't nurse for a minute) so when I have a new baby in bed with us how do I nurse them at night? I could get them to sleep but what about when they adjust in bed and want to nurse - without waking anyone up?

does that make sense? I hope so. I'm not to keen on night weaning ds but I don't want to disrupt his sleep much either....

any ideas?
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I sleep with three of them now and they've all had to rearrange how they fall asleep somewhat to accomodate each other. When I went from one to two the oldest had to learn not be be spooned to sleep and to share me, we recently had a third and the oldest doesn't have me beside her sometimes, and the younger ones have to sleep on either side of me nursing from their own side. My guess is that your son will learn to go to sleep once you turn around when it's necessary for him to do so, which isn't yet. He's still so little that 9 months is a major big chunk of time for developmental growth and many of his habits in many areas of his life will have changed by then. Good luck ttc!
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