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Spanish references!

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Hope it's okay to post here since I am a single mama who just wants to raise my babe bi-lingual.

He is 6 months old and has a teacher in his daycare from the Dominican Republic who speaks Spanish to him, but I am looking for suggestions on any good books for babies and for me since my Spainsh does not extend futher than "hola, ce va?".

Thank you for any help!
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Ce va is French I think. I'm guessing it means, how are you or something to that effect? So you say "Como estas" instead.
The Rosetta stone is really good for learning Spanish, my husband uses it and it's helped him a lot. He's not good with learning from a book so much so sorry, I can only suggest the computer program.
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I was going to suggest the Rosetta Stone too. I also like getting Spanish kid books like "First 1000 Spanish Words", etc. It teaches a lot of words you use with little kids (numbers, animals, etc) that you might not learn in an adult computer program, and DS loves it too! We learn words together while looking at the pictures.
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there is a book called my 1st words and it has them in english and in spanish and you can cover one side at a time google it?
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We have My First 100 Words in Spanish.
It's put out by Parragon Publishing.
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I was in a similar situation a few years ago... I'm not sure that I would have been able to do it with just books though.

I took Spanish classes at college and ended up majoring in Spanish. My dd and I traveled a bunch- Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala. She's enrolled in a Spanish-immersion charter school now (she's almost 10) and is fairly fluent, especially with speaking and reading.

When she was younger we only watched movies or TV in Spanish, which was surprisingly helpful. We're not so good about doing that now..

I found that the first time we went traveling when she was 3 she didn't seem to "pick up" all that much language. We spent 3 months in Mexico and she went to a Spanish-only preschool a couple days a week for a few hours.

The next year we were in South America for 5 months. By the time we came home she was having major conversations without any help! She didn't go to school at all this time.

The following year we went to Guatemala for about 6 weeks. Again, no school for her.

It's been a few years now since we've been able to travel and I was worried that she'd forget everything. She's doing fine though- I think that school has really helped her retain what she knew- plus she's learned new stuff!

Good luck mama!
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My kids, especially my 22 m.o., love the Bright Baby books. We have colores, animales, camiones and primeras palabras. The pictures are vivid photographs and ds learned the words really quickly. I really need to speak more Spanish at home to go along with the books, though!

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