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ob-gyn in Columbia, SC?

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I'm looking for an OB Gyn in the Lexington/Columbia, SC area. I haven't found a good one in years, and since I had a homebirth with a midwife for my last child, I have no clue where to look. I need to get in soon, as my son is 8 weeks old and I've not had a check-up yet, but everyone I call from the phone book either doesn't take medicaid or isn't taking patients until a few months from now. Help?
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I just moved here at 30 weeks pg! I've decided on Dr. Silverio in Irmo (I actually live in Lexington). I am going for a VBAC and although his level of supportiveness/encouragement doesn't seem to rival the MW I had to leave in Atlanta, he has a great bedside manor and seems very against the current induction/c-section trend for little-no reason.

He's part of the Lexington Womens Care group, most of them are over here in Lexington though and they do have midwives at the Lexington group, though according to some other ladies on here those MW are pretty medical!
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Oh and I'm pretty sure I saw his name on the Medicaid list
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I delivered my daughter with Lex Women's Care and the MW's and it was a very medicalized birth against my choice. It left me very sad. I called them today and they said that they only take Medicaid if you're currently pregnant, and gave me a number for a doctor who works with them who does take non-preg Medicaid patients, but they are booked until October! LOL

Off to search for the dr you mentioned.
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just called, doesn't take medicaid.
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anyone else have any recommendations?
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Bummer! I'm sorry to hear that. Let me know if you find someone great, because I'm not 100% thrilled with him either. If there was someone else in our area that was less "Medical" then I'd love to give them a try!!

Good luck.
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Feel free to join the ICAN of Midlands yahoo group and ask the other mamas who they are using for their VBAC - we have two who are planning hospital births right now.


As for Lexington Women's Care, I think its important to understand that the CNM's are part of the whole practice, which is run by the OB's. Additionally, most of the CNM's got their education at either USC or MUSC so the care is going to be pretty homogenous.

The entire obstetric community is going to be this way, generally, because that's how its been (think snowball effect). Finding someone who is willing to go out on a limb for patients is going to be difficult.

It seems like the smaller, more rural clinics with older obstetricians who are not subject to so much oversight are a good place to start if you are looking for less monitoring and more autonomy.

This is really a community problem. I wish more women were willing to make a stink about it because its just going to continue to deteriorate over time, taking down lots of families with it
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One other thing....

When I had my son at home, I needed to find follow up care in the postpartum.

One nurse let me in gently on an inside fact: If you've had care with a home birth midwife or other care provider, OBGYN practices do not like to take you on late in pregnancy, labor, delivery, or postpartum.

Fear of liability is one reason why its hard to transfer care, late in the game.

I'm not sure how to get around that when you are looking for an 8 wk PP visit. I ultimately had to do my own care for a 3rd degree tear, which turned out ok, luckily. <thumbs up>
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