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Southeast Women's Herbal Conference- Asheville NC

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Anyone going?
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Me!!! I'm going! Last year was my first year. I took my 3 year old and my baby who I was EPing for. This year I get to go ALONE!!!!

Were you there last year?
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This is my first year also and I'm going alone. I'm really hoping to learn a lot, not just through the classes but also about myself. I'm a little nervous about going alone but excited all at the same time. I'm camping through the weekend, where are you lodging?

Oh, since you were there last year. When can we pick the classes we want to attend?

I'm so excited! 2 Weeks to go!
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I went last year! So fun! Crazy fun! And I learned a ton!
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You can check out the full weekend schedule here:


The intensives are extra - I did all of them last year, but I think I may only do the last one this year. I am undecided still! Too much good stuff to choose from

Last year I stayed off-site b/c I was EPing and needed a clean, safe place for my kids to crawl and play in while I did so.

The location changed from Hendersonville to Black Mountain and I've never been there so I can't comment on the lodging. I think they assign you a lodge when you register - can't remember which one I will be in, but brrrrr....plan on bringing a snuggly sleeping bag!

I think I am most excited about the birth stories workshop and Rowan's other classes.
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I take it back.....I am most excited about being able to do early morning yoga, stay up late, feed myself without juggling multiple children and their food, play and be leisurely - all that!
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I am pretty sure I will be selling my jewelry in the marketplace-
also catching a few workshops and camping with out my 3 kiddos for the first time ever!!!!!!!
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i'm going! i've been every year but the first...i always have felt filling so filled with postive energy it carried me for days.....i'll be tent camping and believe it or not i've never gone the leaf so this will be my first time at the lake...the food has always been great and the classes are wonderful....they are not overly clinical (like at the GAIA conferences) with very useable loving advice.

i signed up for the last intensive and it's great to be there untill the very end....i'm bringing money for the marketplace...you'll be sorry if you don't!

i have no idea where the camping will be but if you have a point of reference i'd love to meet some new mamas...

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This is great. I just knew some of you would be going. I've seen the schedule but I was wondering if you have to sign up for class ahead of time, or just go to the ones you want to attend at the time they are offered.

Definitely will be bringing money for the marketplace!

Question for veterans: What special things should I be sure to pack that I wouldn't otherwise think to bring? I'm bring a notebook for taking notes but what else?
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Not a veteran, but I was so glad I brought a water canteen and planned on layered clothing. The mornings started out really cool, but by the afternoon, there was plenty of swimming and basking in the sun

Not bringing kids this year, but a sturdier carrier like a Kelty would have been useful. I got by w/ a Mei Tei, but it felt like a lot of hitching and arranging where the ring sling wasn't secure enough for trudging up and down hills and over bridges, etc.

Fruit and other snacks for in between meals was useful too.

Something handy to write your contact info on is helpful too as I met some incredible women - some of which I lost track of b/c I didn't have anything to give to them

I am bringing a journal this year so my notes and reflections will all be in the same place.
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Good stuff CMM thanks!
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i'm gitty! can't wait to be there!

is anyone else camping?

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i forgot to add that i'm probably going alone so if anyone wants to carpool, i live in west asheville....i wanted to go around 10 or 11 on friday and i'm signed up for the last intensive on sunday so i would be there until the very end....

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