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water birth and st luke's

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Does anyone know whether it's possible to have a water birth at St. Luke's and if so, which obs will support it? I haven't seen much about Luke's here. Actually, any ob/cnm recommendations would be great!
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We toured them nearly three years ago and they were installing huge bathtubs in the rooms for this purpose. I would hope they'd be prepared for them by now.
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At St Lukes you can labor but not deliver in the tubs. They are nice and big, but only seat one person (IMO). I fully entended on using one, but was 10cm and pushing by the time I went in. lOl
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oh man, that would have been heaven 6 years ago when dd was born. She was face up and I was in PAIN!! We had ds at st.johns and due to poor experiences there will be returning to st.lukes for the birth of dc #3. I'd go there on general princilples since they've changed their philosophy on childbirth so drasticly. The couplet care and family centered phil. along with the idea for the staff that labor and recovery are not sickness but are wellness differ from the other hospitals in the st.louis area.

Can you tell I'm just excited, even with having a repeat c section with this child. Their rules there are more relaxed than john's as well. Enjoy your experience.
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