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I would never schedule a repeat c/s without trying to induce first (and never ever w/ prostaglandins). My VBAC was 9 days past EDD and we were going to let it go to 42 wks unless an NST had nonreassuring results. Personally, I'm ok w/ the risks of VBAC induction (foley, break membranes, and gentle pit if necessary) IF there is a good medical reason to get the kid out. I'd try everything natural to get labor going on my own first tho.
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I'm w/ Karen, I would induce before agreeing to a c/s. I had pitocin w/ my last VBAC and probably will this time as well, as un-MDC as it is. I was 'induced' or 'augmented', however you want to look at, w/ my last baby at 39 wks. They started the pit at 10:30, broke my water at 12:30 and she was born at 2:04. All is well.
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Just thought that I would stop by and update.

My water ended up breaking on Friday morning, 9/12. I did everything I could to get some contractions going (I'd been having them all night Thursday until Friday morning when DD woke up). Nothing worked. DD nursing, walking, scrubbing floors, rest, castor oil....

So, Saturday morning, we headed to the hospital. We had our doula with us. We ended up getting pitocin around 1? It took them a few tries to get the IV in, so that was a few more hours of no contractions. I know some here would have just waited it out, but we were past our comfort level - we've lost one newborn baby and well - we were just at that limit.

Anyways, it was pretty slow going until around the time I hit 6 cms - which must have been around 9 pm. In twenty minutes I was at an 8 and begging for drugs - OMG, did it hurt at that point. I couldn't get on top of the contractions as they were just too close together - could be because the pitocin was still on or maybe that's just how it feels at that point. In any regard, when the nurse told me I was just an 8 I wanted some drugs and started asking for them - I thought, crap a cm an hour? I'll never make it another two hours like this is all I could think of. It took 10 minutes to actually go from 8 cm to baby out. During which time the Dr was called and my doula convinced the nurse to turn down the pit a bit. And then she gave me the shot of nubain and before she was even done putting it in the IV, I was feeling like I had to poop - so then a few pushes later and DS arrived. The Dr didn't make it, so they called the house Dr who rushed in from watching the OSU game to finish catching the baby. I was on my side, but he flipped me to my back (which is when I had some tearing). They didn't even get to break down the table, everything just happened so quickly at that point.

I think I have most of my times right - I'll have to check with my doula as she was keeping track of things.

I do know that although everyone tells me that it was natural as there wasn't time to even get it in and working before the baby was out, I know I would have asked for something stronger than that even, way, way earlier if it hadn't been for my great doula. Doulas rock! :

This was my second VBAC, though last time was with an epi and only a touch of pitocin to bring the contractions closer together when they spaced after the epi was placed.
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Congrats!!! :::
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Congratulations! :
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Yay Momma!! Congratulations!! :
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Congratulations! And welcome to the World, Little One!
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