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Quick way to ripen pears?

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I got a whole gob of pears from my grandma's tree... and I'd really like to speed up their ripening so I hurry and can them and re-claim my counter space! I placed newspaper over the top of them (perhaps it will trap the ethylene gas and speed things along?)...

any tricks I'm missing out on?
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i think i heard somewhere to put them together with other fruit...apples and/or bananas in a brown paper bag to speed up ripening!?!?
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I've done that with a few and an apple in a bag, but I'm not sure how it would work with a lot of them.
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I would try the brown paper bag. that is how i ripen tomatoes, i think it might work with most fruit.
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Well I'm fresh out of paper bags, so I wrapped separate bundles of 8-ish pears in newspaper with an apple each...hopefully it works! man! I want those pears off my counter and into my pantry ASAP!
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my pears are ripening within 2-3 days, so it might be speedier than you think. it is quicker ripening than store-bought, IMO.
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A cardboard box will work just like a paper bag as long as you can close it.

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I have a loaded pear tree and the fruit is still really hard. Are you guys picking the fruit when its still hard? Should I be doing this? I don't want them to go by!!
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apple in a paper bag surely would not hurt.

I am picking pears off our tree tomorrow.
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You do have to pick them when they're slightly under-ripe, then let them fully ripen inside or wherever. Otherwise other critters will get the pears, or they'll just fall off the tree and bruise themselves on the ground. I've used my laundry room, garage, and fridge in the garage for stashing pears in the past here...
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I have just learned all about it this year too...

I have pitched at least 50 into the compost cause they have fallen and the squirrels have been eating them and they get major bruises when they fall even if I get to them before the squirrels LOL

I currently have a huge mixing bowl FULL of pears on my counter (and already made pear crisp yesterday, and 2 batches of pear sauce in the freezer...)

Tomorrow I am picking them off the tree...and making a pear free form tart and in a couple days probably a pear cobbler. (and then freezing MORE!)

OH I also tried a really different recipe that another MDC mama shared and it was YUMMY...pear and brie cheese in a quessadilla
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