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First Foods
With DS I started with purees a few weeks after he turned 6 months: avacodo, banana, apple, pear, green beans, basically any produce that I could get my hands on. He really didn't start eating one "meal" a day until almost 8 months, 2 meals at 9 months and 3 meals at 13 months. It really took him until around 15 months to really be into solids, thanks goodness for mama milk!! Although I did notice that once he turned a year and I stopped making his food (my mom was complaining about the space I was taking in her freezer) he became a picky eater. DS is now 2.5 and it's a struggle to get him to eat anything at all. He went from loving everything but meat to not wanting anything but eggs, grits, yogurt and goldfish all day long.

Any tips for a picky eater???

Baby #2 is due to arrive any day now and I'm planning on doing baby-led weaning: cutting the food up in small pieces and letting baby feed themself. I'm hoping that now that I'm in my own place I can continue what I started with my son with the next baby.

Feeding the family
With my picky eating habits and DS's feeding the family is a challange. I'm still learning how to cook a lot of things. Just really learned how to bake meats this year and now I'm turning to veggies. We really only eat corn, collard greens and cabbage so I'm trying to cook more variety of veggies. I can make myself swallow the new stuff but DS just isn't interested. And with the price of everything going so hi I find it difficult to always get the healthier choices that I want for my family. I make due with organic diary, frozen or fresh produce and whole grain pastas.
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Originally Posted by Autumn C. View Post
So veggies is a common way to go, right?


Would you mind sharing the reason behind waiting until 9 months?

My Littlest has been teething forever but has not actually cut teeth yet. But she's been practically lunging for our food for over a month! I feel like I'm starving her! (I know I'm not!)

I've given her utensils to play with and she was not amused. She wants the food.

My son was exactly like this so we gave him banana on his 6mo birthday and he hated it. He like the concept of eating but not teh actual practice of eating. Until 11 mo he would only eat a bite or two and then completely lose interest. Now he eats anything. Kids are funy sometimes!
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so cool we need to eat healthier taking notes and subbing
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Originally Posted by MamaEli View Post
Looking at all of my paraben and SLS free soaps, oils, and lotions.....they may be the next to go if things keep on tanking. It's very frustrating.
you had so many good food tips and money saving tips in your post - but i wanted to respond really quick to this - dr. bronner's liquid castille soap is available by the gallon and is a better deal that way than by the individual bottle - it can be diluted, and it lasts forever. also, i was raised using olive oil as a body moisturizer; it's amazing for your skin. you can get one of the 'light' versions if you don't want to walk around smelling like food... also it's less expensive than EVOO.

and all paraben free!!

on topic, LO will be 6 months on the 18th. since our peach experiment we have let him teethe on a whole fresh garden green pepper, but haven't done anything with actual food in his actual mouth. he just started sitting, so we're keeping stocked on the organic carrots.
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Originally Posted by oyinmama View Post
i was eating a peach last week and holding DS and he lunged for it. typical, but unlike when he lunges for my sandwich or my glass of smoothie, or my sunglasses or hair, it was actually a ripe, squishy whole natural food i was eating... i let him lick the peach and you could see his little mind working - like, "WOW! what's THIS?"
LO a peach was the first thing that I let my DD try also. She was around 7 months and it was like I gave her a spoonful of sugar, she loved it. Since then I mostly held off on solids until now. She finally cut her first tooth. Her favorite thing so far are apple slices, steamed yams, and sweet bell pepper slices (raw) she will not eat anything mushy. I'm kind of at a loss of what else to feed her.
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