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Tucson, AZ?

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Does anyone live, or know anything about, Tucson, Arizona?

Dh is thinking of relocating all of us there (from Upstate/Central NY), and i've never lived anywhere outside of where we are now... my whole life. I've never visited further West then Ohio!

We really dont have much here to stay for, and he has friends there, and one of his sisters lives about 5 or 6 (?) hours away in Las Vegas.

We wouldnt move till next summer (i pretty much refuse to move in the middle of the school year, unless the moon/stars/sun align to make it perfect (ie job, home/etc all work out quicker).

Anyways - just looking for some thoughts/opinions on the area. Thanks!
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Tucson is a pretty cool city. well, if you like city living. it's pretty crunchy and very alternative minded. there are a bunch of Tucson mamas here. Vegas is more than 5 hours away though! I am from upsatate NY myself. winters are awesome down here!
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Ehhh I wouldn't move here in the summer lol. However summer lasts from May-October about-ish so that may not be possible for you. I'm not sure what sort of climate you're used to from NY (never been in that part of the the country).

It's okay here. I hate the heat (coming from someone who's lived here most of her life) but other then that it's not bad. There is a lot of crunchiness here and a lot of Tucson mamas here that are really cool.
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Originally Posted by thefragile7393 View Post
It's okay here. I hate the heat (coming from someone who's lived here most of her life) but other then that it's not bad. There is a lot of crunchiness here and a lot of Tucson mamas here that are really cool.
I'm not a huge fan of heat (i think anything above 75 is too hot), but that could be cause the heat up here is also not just hot, but very very sticky/moist to boot. My opinion on cold vs hot is that it's much easier to warm up and stay warm, then it is too cool off and stay cool. But that has only been my experience so far.

I think we are going to try and arrange to visit the area (just dh and i), sometime after the holidays (cause it's crazy for us, not only halloween/thanksgiving/christmas and new years, but toss in dd#1 has her b-day 11/30 and there is a lot there!

I'll admit - i much rather stay up north (i actually LIKE snow!), but i know that a maybe move is not just about me either, but our family as a whole. Besides, that is what visiting is for, right?
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But in Arizona you don't feel it as much ,
I go from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned car to the next air conditioned building.
I have one of those remote starts for my car . You know the ones people usually have back east to start there car and turn on the heater before you get in .
Well my remote start, turns my car on and turns on the Air Conditioning and gets it all cool before I have to get into it . and I can start it from inside the mall .
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winter is a wonderful time to visit!

it is HOT here. don't let anyone tell you different! it is a dry heat but when it's 100+ what's the difference? then there are other things..car insurance is like triple what it is in NY. (due to uninsured drivers) food that has to be trucked in is more expensive, local food is rarely actually grown locally save 1 or 2 farms I know of, etc. I love Arizona, don't get me wrong. I think if I had to choose all over again I'd pick NM though!

btw I moved here from Rochester. it was culture shock at first. the way of life is much slower and people are MUCH friendlier than back east IMHO, I love that!
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It gets pretty hot in the summer but always, there is never not at least a small enjoyable window. We try to get up really early in the morning during the summer months and go hiking or take the dogs to the wash for a run and it's a perfect temperature before the sun really gets going. And then it's fabulous during the winter. If you miss the snow, you can drive up the mountain, play in it, then come back down where it's chilly but not freezing cold. I also really like the people here.
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