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cloth diapers - store

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a store somewhere in New Jersey where i could go and look at cloth diapers? I know NOTHING about them and totally confused... I want to see and touch one to understand what it's all about

I am in Bridgewater (Central NJ), btw.

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Are you near Red Bank? http://www.littlewillowbaby.com/
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I am an hour away..

If there is nothing closer, will definitely drive there. Thanks!
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I do not know of such a store. I felt exactly the same way you did, but I found a great web site that helped. babybunz.com they have all kinds of info on there - diff types, washing, how to use, etc...

There is also another site diaperpin.com that has reviews of cloth diapers and other things.

I ended up getting from babybunz: snugglebottoms diapers and nicci diaper covers (wish I got niji covers better for babes with skinny legs).

I also bought to try Crickettsdiapers.com I think I will like these a lot when my little guy gains a little more weight. Also with a bummis super snap cover - I like the nicci covers better though.

My guy was 6.5 lbs when we got him home and used disposeables for the 1st 3 wks or so. He was to small to fit in the cloth and being new at the whole thing I just couldnt deal with cloth at first. 5 wks old now and still use disposeables at night.

I also highly recommend using the magic stick on that area (mtdiaperstore.com)
hope this helps!
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I got my bum genius at Charlotte west in Manasquan. http://www.charlottewestbaby.com/

but i'm not sure that they sell any other brands.
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Little Willow may be worth the drive
Did you see their blog?

We encourage anyone to stop by Little Willow for a free cloth diapering demonstration. We are currently the only retail store in New Jersey that sells a selection of cloth diapers and offers guidance and suggestions in choosing and using your cloth diapers.
Red Bank is a great little town to shop around, go to the beach, have a nice lunch anyway so you could make a day of it
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little willow IS a great store. the owners are very helpful.

if you decide the drive is too far, i like www.jilliansdrawers.com. they will send you an assortment of all kinds of cloth diapers that you can use for 21 days and then send back whatever you don't like and get your money back (less 10$ i think)! it was great, i got to try out many of the types of diapers i had been reading about, actually try them on my son and see which ones worked best on him.
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My Target in Manalapan is selling Bumgenius these days also so you might want to check your local Target. Also Whole Foods in Princeton sells them too.
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