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Places you wear your baby

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I was just curious, do most of you wear your dc wherever you go? For instance, when you go to the ped, if you have an infant, do/would you wear baby or just leave him/her in the car seat? I'm just curious.
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I always wondered this about other moms as well when I started babywearing. The place I wore him the most often was at home (maybe b/c that's the place I AM the most often! haha) I would wear him while vacuuming, doing dishes, making meals, playing with other child, even folding laundry. If going out and about, I would put the wrap on before we left home (or throw on the sling once we got there) and wear him grocery shopping and anywhere I was going to be for more than a quick run in and get out kind of thing. I think a lot of it depended on where he was happiest at the time, if he was sleeping, if he needed to nurse, etc. (like if he had just fallen asleep in the carseat, and i was running in somewhere to pick up/drop something off for 5 seconds, I would leave him in the carseat and hook it into the stroller so he wouldn't have to wake up and then struggle back to sleep again in the car.) I have one bit of advice though...if you are going to ever carry your LO in the carseat carrier, I would really recommend hooking it into the stroller. It's horrible for YOUR back to carry the baby like that - it's so awkward to hold, etc. AND babies always get so knocked around and such when being carried like that. It's not good for either one of you. I guess I would say I always tended to wear him unless it was one of those instances like I mentioned above. Good question, though, and like I said, I always wondered the same thing In the end, it's whatever you and baby are most comfortable with and happiest with.
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oh and with the example you asked about...the pediatrician...whenever we'd go to the chiropractor, I would take DS out of his car seat, carry him in with a blanket, and let him have tummy time while we waited
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I always wear DD or at least have a wrap/carrier with me. The couple of times we've left home without one, we've regretted it . Our car seat never left the car.
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i hate lugging that stupid bucket around, especially while trying to keep a hand on my other two kids, so babywearing is as much a necessity for safety reasons as it is a cozy bonding time for me and DD2. not only do i always have a carrier with me, i usually have at least 3 in the car at any given time. earlier today when we got home from the ped i realized that i had 2 ring slings, 2 MT's and a SSC in the car so i brought all but a ring sling and a MT in with me. no wonder i couldn't find anything to pop her into this morning when i was cooking breakfast
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The only time I lugged the bucket was when dd was sleeping and I was going someplace like a resturant where having her sleep in the seat was nicer than wearing her.

The most interesting places I've worn dd was bowling (although my game sucked), and when I practiced handbells.
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Thank you all for your responses...I have my Ultimate Baby Wrap, of course Lucas isn't here yet, but I thought I'd just put the wrap on before I leave the house whenever I go somewhere, that way I can just pop him in whenever I need to!
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Shopping....grocery shopping, Barnes & Noble...that sort of thing, I still wear my DD (15 mos--27 lbs) rather than put her in a stroller.

I also wear her around the house, too, still because it's sometimes easier to cook dinner or vacuum with her on my back and not under my feet.
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I wear my almost 15 mo all over...

*home (while cleaning, cooking, taking out the trash, picking up the mail, etc.)
*strolling through the neighborhood
*grocery store/post office
*department stores/shopping centers
*state fair
*festivals (tomorrow, the Folk Art Festival!)
*family gatherings (especially at homes that are not babyproofed)

As a newborn, I would usually keep her in the infant car seat (attached to the stroller) while visiting the ped.
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We wear DD when we go to ped appts. Usually in a pouch or ring sling since it is easy to pop her in and out. I wear her whenever we go shopping, usually in myBeco Butterfly. Once when she had just fallen asleep as we were parking at the grocery store we brought n the bucket and sat it in the big part of the shopping cart. It was quite hassle.

I wear DD at home when she is fussy and right after she nurses since she needs to be upright then due to reflux.

I also wear her to Bible Study and our Kingdom Hall (church). We carry the bucket in since she falls asleep on the drive over but as soon as she wakes I pop her into a sling.
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I wore my children almost everywhere. I also did A LOT of holding with the one arm kinda thing.
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Shopping, my older kids' sporting events, older kids' school stuff and aroud the house. For something like the ped's office I just hold him because I know that I'll be getting him out soon anyway to see the ped.
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I use a carrier pretty much everywhere. I tried carrying dd in the carseat on a fast errand into the vet and it was a pain. So, for short in-and-out trips I use a ring sling, and for times she will be in the carrier longer I use a wrap because it's much easier on my back. In the house I prefer a wrap because I always feel I need one hand on her when she's in the sling. I have a Beco but I find the wrap and sling easier, at least right now.
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everywhere i go. and at home.
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If I'm going to be mostly walking (like at the zoo or grocery store), I wear DD. If I'm going to be mostly sitting (like at a restaurant), I bring in the bucket and just hold her on my lap if she wakes up or gets tired of being in her seat.
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everywhere even going in to a building from the car is easier wearing, plus helps him feel more secure in a new place. we have convertible carseat, so stays in the car, and haven't yet needed to get a stroller.
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I wear my baby around the house a lot. I wear her at the grocery store, or any store for that matter. Also for walks or errands. Our carseat stays in the car. I don't wear her to the ped- I just hold her in my arms. The only time I use a stroller for her is if I need to go to the doctor and I won't be able to wear her. I do use a stroller for my 2 year old though.
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why not to the ped? don't you have to wait at all?
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I never carried my babe anywhere in the bucket seat. I had a 2 door car and couldn't have gotten it out, even if I'd wanted to. We use carriers lots for walks and errands, but not as much around the house unless my DS is tired.
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I wear my 14 month old everywhere, if I'm feeling up for it (he's getting heavy) but esp at the Doctor's office, its just easier all around
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