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worried about 2 year old's growth

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So fall is here now and the other day I had DD try on a bunch of her clothes from last fall/winter to see what still fit. We only tried on pants, but they ALL still fit her. She has not grown out of any of them. Most of these clothes were bought for her last fall so she has been wearing them for a year now. I am worried she is not growing. She is also still in the same shoes from March. Her crocs which are a 5/6 are getting pretty tight, but her SKRs which are a 7 still have tons of room, I would be surprised if she outgrows them before spring. How much does your toddler grow over a 6 month period? I did measure her and she seems to have grown about 1.5-2 inches in 6 months. She has only gained a 1/2 lb in that time as well. I am worried, should I be?
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Nicole, I definitely understand how this can worry us moms! Has she been to the doc recently for a checkup? Do they seem concerned? I know kids all have different growth rates. My two boys tend to be on the lower end of the growth percentiles. How does she act? Is she active? Do you feel in your gut something isn't right? Could be nothing but if you're concerned by all means press your doctor. Don't want to scare you, but I do have a fam member who has a little guy that wasn't growing also and they did find something going on with him. Hope you can get some reassurance or answers soon! Take care.
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If she is healthy and meeting milestones as well as eating/nursing (doesn't have to be alot) and hasn't stopped growing, I wouldn't sweat it.
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My son seems to have not grown at all in about a year. His weight has stayed the same, he is wearing the same clothes but then we discovered he grew 2 inches in 3 months! He is also developing in every other way so I don't worry about it.
I think as moms we were used to that first year where it felt like everyday they grew out of one piece of clothing and then suddenly their physical development changes so much (as in totally slows down).
Try not worry and be grateful she can wear last year's clothes
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Your DD sounds just like mine! DD gained 1/2 lb from her last appt. as well, and she's still wearing size 5 shoes. She fell on the weight curve a little, enough for the doc to comment and "watch" her but not enough to worry. She's 26 mo. and weighs about 24 lbs.
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Oh that can be hard - but some of us just have wee kids, just as others have larger kids, my ds is just starting to get out of his trousers which are 12/18 months - he's 3 we're moving on to 2 year old stuff but around the waist we have a real problem with his trousers falling down all the time - they can't have belts at school so I have to stitch in a fold to hold them up - wee things come in sweet packages - or that's what I keep saying! and as other posters mentioned as long as she's meeting her milestones and generally developing well I wouldn't worry.
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My 2-year-old also has not grown much. This summer he fit into most of last summer's clothes. He has dropped in percentiles to the 5th (he was 32.25 inches at his 24-month checkup). I am a bit concerned, but he is doing absolutely wonderfully developmentally and is very healthy. The pediatrician says there's not much we would DO anyway at this point, so we'll just wait and see. (Oh, and my DS is on the chubby side of average, at 27 pounds and 32 inches, so it's not like he's undernourished lol)
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I wouldn't worry based solely on the clothing thing. My dd is 18 months old. I was looking at photos of her today, and she is still wearing the clothes she wore in photos from Easter, last January, even last November -- 11 months ago! I have certainly been putting some clothes in the too-small bin, but others have been lasting her forever.

My mama says all three of her girls were 20 pounds at 1 year and 20 pounds at 2 years (she says we were below the 5th percentile). We were healthy, just little.

I have done regular check-ups with my lo because I am interested in the growth-chart and milestone stuff. She is doing great according to me, my family doctor, my nurse practitioner, and everyone around us. I would use these measures more than her clothing.

Hope that helps.
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My DD was the same until a month ago. Since early August, she's put on 3lbs and probably an inch and a half. All of a sudden nothing fits anymore.
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My guy has worn the same shoes for at least six months. No change in foot size. He gets taller, but doesn't put on weight very quickly (always in weird, unexpected spurts). It's hard not to stress, but I know that none of the kids in our playgroup have gotten new shoes since Februray or March (we were all just commenting on it), so I guess that two year olds just don't grow much in the foot department??
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I also found that at size 3, my kids quit moving up in clothing sizes quite so quickly. They seem to be a bit roomier, and I think kids' growth slows down a bit. Different brands of clothing tend to be a bit more generous too.

Babies' feet grow quite quickly (I think it's on the order of 1/2 size every 3 months), but by about age 3, it slows down to about 1/2 size to every 6+ months, if I remember correctly.

Other things to take into consideration:

What are you family body types like? Are you and your partner tall or short? What about extended family? If you come from a petite family, you might just be seeing her finding her own curve.

What's her body type like? Our ds grew 2" this summer and yet is still wearing the same pants he did last spring! But his height tends to be in his torso and not his legs. (Just like his dad!) In addition, while he wears a size 7 for length, he was wearing size 4 shorts - so apparently his waist hasn't changed much at all in 3 years. (He wears size 7 slim with adjustable waists pulled ALL the way in.)

Is she developing well in other areas? Is she happy? Is she learning?
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So, so normal. Growth is not a steady curve, it is spikes and plateaus. While they're growing in height, they might not grow in weight. Then they might 'chunk up' in weight but not grow in height. Then they might do neither, but develop in other ways.

There are "growth" factors you can't see. Neurons in the brain, for instance.

DS did not grow an inch or gain an ounce between his first and second birthdays. He started almost off the charts at one end... then down to the bottom at the other end lol... But in that year, he developed 'mentally' more than 'average' -- he had 200 words and was speaking in pretty much full sentences by his second birthday.

He's now 10, average height. Healthy as an ox.

DD is 21mo and 23 lbs. She's been 23lbs for a full year now. But she's growing. She didn't grow much for a long time -- then I just measured her and she's grown an inch in one month! She's healthy and developing normally. She's growing on the inside when she's not growing on the outside.
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My babe grew and grew and grew... right off the charts at 4 months... and then slowed right down. Between 6 months and year he stopped gaining weight completely (though he got taller, like your DD). Between 1 and 2 he's gained 4 pounds, but 1.5 pounds of that was in the last month. He definitely goes through phases of not gaining any weight and then gaining a bunch at once.

It seems to me to be totally normal. Provided your LO is still meeting all of their milestones and is healthly... some are going to be peanuts and some are going to be giants!

For what it's worth my babe was into 12 month clothing solidly and medium and large diapers by 3-4 months... by a year he was still in those same clothes and back down into small and medium (definitely no large would fit at that point) diapers. Now at 2 there are still a number of items that fit him at 4 months I can still get him into, but he's *much* taller and leaner than he was then. We definitely got our money's worth out of the 12 month clothes (now the 0-3 and 3-6 month... not so much )
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thanks everyone for making me feel better. She is developing, she talks a blue streak, is starting to memorize some of her favorite books, and is great at fine motor stuff, she loves to draw and paint. Physically she's not super active, but she never has been. She can jump and run, she tries to skip, but she is not a climber and no where near coordinated or strong enough to ride her trike or push her little tykes car with her feet. She crawled late and walked late and never seemed to catch up with her peers in physical activity, but I think I might just have a quiet kid. I don't know....she still can't climb into a kitchen chair (although she finally figured out her learning tower about 2 months ago), can't turn a door knob, can't open the fridge, but then again, she never even tries to do these things, I guess it doesn't occur to her?
As a baby she was 75% for height and 50% for weight and then started dropping after a year. I'm not sure where she is on the charts now, I think around 50% for height and 35% for weight? I am 5 ft and DH is 6 ft (and my entire family is short and his entire family is tall), so she has quite a range to work with, but I think she is going to take after me, which stinks because I hate being short! We aren't due to go back to the doc for another 6 months, so that is why I was asking. BTW, she is 26.5 lbs and approx 35 inches. I guess I'll just wait and see for now.
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