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PDX: Naturopath?

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Can someone recommend a naturopath in close-in SE or NE?
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We LOVE Dr. Jennifer Gibbons at the Natural Childbirth and Family Clinic. It's near Glisan and 102, just behind Winco. Both my son and I have her as our primary care physician, and she also does homebirths.

We have seen a few other people in the clinic and didn't like them as well. I am only recommending Dr. Jen!
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Depends on what you want to be seen for, but Dr. Mindy Cash is an ND and acupuncturist. She is so amazing, really.
Off of SE 44th and Powell-ish
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Thanks, both of you. I'm looking for a general doctor type. Someone who will do both conventional medicine when called for as well as "alternative" stuff. A holistic type.

There are many many naturopaths on our insurance company's "preferred provider" list, but so far every one that has been recommended to me is not on that list. I'll check out your suggestions.
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Another vote for Jen Gibbons! She sees my whole family and we absolutely love her.
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Gibbons is not on our list. But Mindy Cash is! Off to check her out...
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Another vote for Jennifer Gibbons.
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