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Springfield Moms ....

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What do you think about the historic Midtown area? We are moving to the area - Lord willing - at the end of October and are considering Central High School.

I love the idea of a refurbished Victorian.

Is it safe? Walkable? Crunchy? Family friendly?

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i lived in Springfield for two years about two years ago... I don't remember the area you were interested in, but my husband and I lived just north of Washington Park and really liked that area. The houses were varied (some Victorian, some 1950's, some new- all affordable, however, we only rented...) but the area was walkable, the park was a block and a half south, and the Jewel-Osco was three blocks north. I hope a current resident can provide you with a little more advice on the current neighborhoods, but I hope this helps!
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Springfield, Illinois or Springfield, Missouri?
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My guess is that Usually Curious is talking about MO, while listipton is talking about IL.
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I'm guessing Springfield Missouri. In midtown the houses are very cool, but crunchy and walkable are two words that just don't go with Springfield. There are crunchy people but I'm not sure you'll find a concentration of crunchyness I am not sure how safe it is around there, someone with more experience would have to tell you. Central HS, I think...if your child would be in the IB program, it's pretty great, if not...not so much. But again, I'm not an expert on the schools. I know Glendale and Kickapoo are the best HS, but not much more than that. I love the Phelps Grove area too as well as the area to the SW of MSU for older houses with loads of character. Springfield is overall a pretty family friendly place.
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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I meant MO.

My son decided to homeschool again, but he's still a little iffy.
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i think that area is walkable, as long as it was just for fun. drury univ and otc are near there, but no stores etc. you will be close to the original library also. wouldn't call it crunchy either but there are several garden/home tours in that area several times a year.

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In all honestly, I would not walk that area in the dark. I attended Central AND Drury and there is some crime in the area. Especially a few blocks north of the campuses.
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