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Natural toy store in Knoxville?

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So, I'm from the Knoxville area originally and will be visiting next week....anyway, I heard from my sis that there's a natural toy/supply store for babies and children somewhere in Knoxville, but she has no clue where or the name.

Any ideas?? Thanks!
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Ahah! I knew there was one I was looking at the other day, dug it up - http://www.naturekidsmercantile.com/home

It's on Northshore, looks like.
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It is on Northshore - you take Morrell past the mall to the south, and turn left onto Northshore, and the store is on the right, not very far. We went and checked it out the other day. It's a nice little store! (And the woman working there was very nice, let my son play all over the place and talked to us about the products.) They even have a bunch of locally-made pocket diapers, from a WAHM in Oak Ridge. We got a Halloween one. That's the only time I've ever seen a real store with cloth diapers.
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Haha, I just now saw this.

I actually thought that I found it, so there must be two! I went to a fun, new little shop called Cutie Tooties, near Turkey Creek. It was nice, and the owner Sunny is a sweetheart. Plus, she has a really nice playroom off to the side, which my kiddo loved.

Looks like I have yet another fun place to explore on my next trip--thanks!
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OMG I'm in heaven. 2 crunchy baby stores in 1 town? both within 10 mintues drive?? this rocks!
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Originally Posted by trinitylou View Post
Looks like I have yet another fun place to explore on my next trip--thanks!
Awesome, me too!
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