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baby name Thoughts??

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We still don't have names!

What do you think of Sabine ("Sa-Bean") for a girls name?

Actually Sabine Clare after Grandma but we switched the name order around because Clare is just a bit too common (although a beautiful name, we have 3friends with little Clare's)
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I love the name Sabine! I am with you....39weeks & no name! Eeek!
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oh its beautiful!
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I know! 39 weeks and no name!!! We've made these wonderful lists of names but none feels right... Sabine feels right and we both like it.

Now we need a boy name!
We've got Leo, Silas, Aaron on a list. No family names to draw from. I love the name Max but dh does not.

Oh, I love the name Poppy, Joshs_girl! (that is the CA State flower) I hope you are safe from Ike!
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I like it I can't decide on a name either! Are you worried that you still won't be able to decide after the baby comes? With my other 2 their names were decided on a while before they were born, so I'm really feeling nervous about this. No name feels right.
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Love the name Sabine! Unique, but not difficult to pronounce. Sabine Clare is lovely.
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I love it too.
And I love the name Maizy!
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Sabine is great!
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Well, I like Aaron... but I'm partial because it is ds1's name!

I also like Silas.
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Sabine Clare is a great name!

For your boy name, I vote Leo.

I have it easy in that I know I only need a boy name, and we still haven't come up with a whole name yet. I think we are settled on the first, but the middle name is just completely up in the air. Must go look at baby name books now.
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Sabine reminds me too much of the famous painting Rape of the Sabine Women.

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