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Do typo's/spelling errors bug you enough not to buy?

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I was just browsing a few diaper sites and noticed quite a few typo's and spelling errors (some are just reversed letters as in a true typo, some are spelling errors). These are not just new WAHM's two of them are well established sites that are popular so I know they have good products, however it bugs me so much I would be less likely to buy.

Now I am by NO means perfect, however I run a spell check before I upload my sites, (even just family sites) and I then have a friend that goes through my site(s) and makes a list of problems, even if it is something silly like awkward wording. (I see everyone rushing to my site to find an error now....Gotta prove this snob wrong....LOL) Anyway I was considering making a purchase from this one site when I spotted two obvious errors in just the description of the diaper I was thinking of buying. It bugged me enough not to buy it.

Now I am sure this WAHM has great diapers, others use them and like them very much, so it isn't that I worry about her detail or her diapers even. However I won't know for a while until my therapy kicks in (ie: you guys telling me I am an anal snob).

And my other question if you were one of those WAHM's (and some of you might be/probably are, I usually cruise through the sig links and banners from here) would you be totally completely offended if someone you didn't really know e-mailed you and pointed out a few typo's? I am that silly about it. Dark pictures bug me too, specially if it is something I need/want to see. So I will snatch the picture off the site and edit it and then send it to the WAHM so she can use it if she wants (I have done this on e-bay too LOL) I know some people don't know how to edit pictures well, or don't have the software so I just do it for them and figure if they are all offended well they don't have to use the picture. However I haven't had one person NOT use the edited picture I sent back. (Ask Tabitha from Toot Sweet, I had no clue who she was-this was pre-MDC days for me and I did it to her with one of her sling pictures on her site! LOL).

So if I e-mail these WAHM's and alert them of the typo's the bugged me, they would be fixed and I would feel more like buying from their site, however am I the ONLY freak that is like this? if I am it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to go to the trouble since it is only MY sales they are missing and I am only a baby hyena! ~
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I have tons of typos on my site

and would love to have the time to have it all perfect but there are hundreds of pages I would need to go through and check. So if it bugs ya sorry. I would NOT be offended if someone told me but I also know where most are and do try to fix them as I am able to. BUT with 4 kids on and off the computer all day, homeschooling all 4 of them and work I barely have any free time of my own to do it. I have 12 kinds of soap that has been sitting here weeks that I have yet to find the time to load into my site. HOWEVER if someone would like my password and info and could fix them by all means I will pay ya to do it. It is a time issue for me. I can't load things in a spell check program because it messes with the format everytime I try. I trype faster or slower then my brain formats words. I usually have transposed letters or missed letters at times... So if it is me. Sorry but until I can add about an extra 3 hours to my day they will be there until I can slowly fix them or someone volunteers to do it for me(I would pay)

I do think that if you hold these type of errors against a person and refused to buy is your loss. Not meaning to be bitchy or anything but I remember a WAHM here drug through the mud over typos on her site basicallly saying if she had typos she had poor products....

LOL I have edited THIS message 3 times make it 4 now for misplaced letters and I have 4 kids sitting here waiting for me to do their spelling with them so I gotta run.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with politely notifying a site owner of errors. Actually, I work for a corporate website and we're always getting emails about spelling errors and inconsistencies. We fix them right away and send along our thanks--after all, we want our site to be as professional-looking as possible.

The worst grammatical error I've ever seen on a WAHM site was:

"Welcome to our site. We sell quality babies and children's clothing..."

I sent an email to the site owner and told her that the sentence made it appear that they were selling quality babies. (Should have been "we sell quality babies' and children's..." or, better yet, "We sell quality clothing for babies and children.")
She wrote back and said she was embarrassed but very grateful for my pointing it out--apparently it had been that way since her site opened three years ago.

I tend to leave sites quickly if I see a lot of typos. However, if I've heard good things about the product I would probably be able to overlook it.
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Hmm keep in mind I could be bias here, since I am not strictly a consumer.

I read the paper occasionaly. Do you know the number of typos and errors in regards to proper grammar I find daily?? I don't have an average, but its a heck of a lot. These people are supposed to be journalists, too! The written word is their job/life/career! In that context, errors really bother me!

Now on the other hand.. WAHMs are moms first, business women second. They're job/lives/careers are not revolving around the written word. Their product is not conected to whether or not they have an expert grasp of the written word. Some of the most artisticly talented folks in this world cannot spell simple words. Some may even be dyslexic or have learning disabilities.. their brains do not operate in the same way an anal english professor's does, KWIM?

Most of those ready to wear designer clothing you've got on, which look perfect, were probaby sewn by a person in a third world country who might be lucky to have a 3rd grade education.

WAHMs are not a big operation. One person operation in most cases. They do not have the luxury of a lot of time on their hands to edit their web sites.. they do not have a staff on hand to do this.

So what do I think? I say give them a break already! You asked, and yes, I think you're being an anal-snob :LOL

I do think its awesome to point out errors and fix pictures! If you did it for me I'd be grateful. I do not have any fancy graphics editor programs. Also, I have had one MDC mama email me and tell me about a spelling error and I appreciated it
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I so hope I didn't offend you Sherry, it wasn't your site if that helps? LOL but seriously, I would be willing to help you out fixing your site up (I do web design on the side so it probably adds to my analness -pretty sure that isn't even a word though ) I would do it in trade for a little of that soap you have laying around? I do all my design stuff and uploading when the kids are napping or when my DH is home. I also have my nephew that comes over (my older nephew not the one I baby-sit three days a week) that helps out with the kids, and I TOTALLY understand not having time.

I also agree that any one who doesn't buy from a good WAHM for such a silly reason is the one missing out, but I can't help the way it bugs me! And there are some WAHM's whom it might help raise sales and they could use the help? Anyway I didn't mean to offend you with my post, please don't take it to heart.
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Oh yeah and my little disclaimer is:

"I am the complete byproduct of a teacher, I was adopted at 2 months of age and have since been under her care until the age of 22 when I got married. The profound effect that this can have on a child and her spelling snobbyness (again not a word) is staggering. Please forgive me for what I am, I am only what my mother (and English major and teacher of 30 years) has made me."

Also I rebelled a lot as a high school student and ignored grammar class and English on a regular basis. I am still pretty likely to make grammatical mistakes (like run on sentences...I am bad about those) and I often switch up their and there and which and witch and weather and wether LOL so shoot me I am claiming childhood trauma on that one!
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Would you mind going over my site for typos in the descriptions :LOL :LOL

It wouldn't offend me at all, I'd be thankful, esp. since I've found a few typos on my site myself(you know rushing to get new stuff up and mixing up a few letters here and there) :LOL
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it depends. a few spelling and grammar errors on a site wouldn't bother me. if it were mistakes the wahm makes all the time in emails on yahoo groups and things of that nature, it might start to bother me such threw and through kwim?

a couple of weeks ago i was browsing a VERY popular wahm site and i noticed she had a broken link because of reversing two letters. i emailed her to let her know and she did switch it and i hope she didn't get upset by me notifying her. i know how hard it is to be a wahm and to try and get all your ducks in a row when it comes to your website. i actually depise doing my website. i end up working on it all night long but i can't afford to have someone do my site for me. i try my hardest not to have spelling errors and that all the pic links works (except for the other night when i showed it to some people and my wahmshoppes was down so no pictures showed up talk about embarrassing! :LOL )

but if it is just a simple spelling error, no i wouldn't hold it against her.

hahahahaha edited because i wrote to instead of two! :LOL
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It's weather andwhether :LOL

I understand the anal English thing. I am a teacher, my grandparents were teachers (my grandfather was county superintendent), two of their four children were teachers, you get the idea.

It does bug me to see typos/spelling errors, but I consider it my problem. Not everyone is graced with the good spelling gene, or has an anal retentive grandmother who corrects everything that is said. My former college house mate can't spell for anything, or put sentences together well, and he is brilliant. He is now a professor of chemistry.

When I fall in love with a product, I will buy it even if it looks like the website was designed by one of my second graders.
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I had someone email me once to tell me I had mispelled something on my site. I was so embarrassed

I just can not spell in general and wish MDC had a spell check for the posts because I am sure I come off as an idiot most of the time with my spelling errors.

So no , spelling errors would not keep me from buying something because I wouldn't even notice them :LOL And I just look at it as nobody is perfect.
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Nope I was not offended at all or upset or anything

but just need a few more hours in my day. I don't have the luxury of a DH home most weeks. He is a district manager with a sporting goods chain so he travels most weeks. Right now he is in AL. I have no help come and give me a break. I have the kids 24/7 So I really don't have time to do too much. I am on now printing off world maps so the kids can color deserts in for our Egypt unit study we are doing. When this is done printing I am back to the kitchen to help them some more while I package a few candles. Then lunch, cleanup and more order packing and helping kiddos with math. Then I do hope to sit down a few minutes to knit some before dinner but I am on some pain meds for a pulled tooth that was yanked yesterday and killing me. Then comes dinner and cleanup and maybe some knitting while watching tv. Then baths/showers for all 4 then story then bed time at 9 and then maybe more knitting tonight OR maybe I will squeak in a bath! LOL My typical day. If you want to work on my site though feel free to PM me. I would love to send some soap out..... Maps are printed now
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These kind of threads make me paranoid...

I had a huge post typed out-took 45 min- but changed my mind...as I always do.

Instead I'll try and keep it more simple.

There are many reasons why others miss spelling/typing/grammar errors on their sites/auctions, I'm sure even you've had the occasional error. I don't see anything wrong with sending a kind email pointing out the error, and to not buy a product because of it, well that is your choice as well. You and only you can decide if you're comfortable with this choice. If you are really concerned that you're not buying a product you want just because of some gramatical errors is "right" or "not", then maybe you have to delve inside yourself and decide if you feel good with yourself for your decisions. Noone can tell you if you are right or wrong for you choices, since it's you that has to live with your choices kwim.

Coming from someone that used to be "anal", but no longer can afford to be retentive for my sanity, since I suffered some brain damage, I can empathize with those from both sides of this "issue". I must admit, my desire to buy from wahms I see publically ridicule others for their lack of proper grammar/spelling ect in their auctions or websites goes out the window. I get so when I see those threads of "did you see this? ha ha ha, doesn't "she" have spell check?, hahahaa, ect", imagen how "you" would feel if it was you that worded something weird to others or misspelled something and didn't catch it and the stumbled upon a thread like that. For those that do this, think before you post, how would you feel if it was you on the recieving end, do you wish to hurt someone elses feelings? If not , a kind email is all that is necessary, not poking fun.


If you'd rather be corrected in your errors privately then do so; if you'd rather be publically humiliated over your errors, then go ahead; if you'd rather be ignorant of your errors, then don't do anything at all; if you'd expect someone to not buy your product because of errors in grammar, then don't buy from someone that makes errors in grammar. We all make errors, in one way or another, but if a product is quality I'm willing to look past spelling/typos because I know I'm not perfect and I'd not like my imperfections held against me.
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Quick ditto there Reese

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Oh sherry I totally feel you on the no dh thing, my dh works out of the country most of the year, he's home a week here and there, and I, too, have the kids 24/7 with no breaks except the times my mom comes and I can go grocery shopping alone :LOL
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If it's on a static part of the page that never changes, errors do bother me a little if there are a lot of them. BUT, if it's on instock items or something that changes often, because I've walked in those shoes, I am very very forgiving. Let me give you an example.. one night I had something like 30 items to put instock. Seems like no big deal right? WRONG. I had to take at least two pictures of each item. Upload the pictures. Then, I had to take the pictures into the photo editor and resize and correct brightness etc and rename them. THEN, I had to upload those files four at a time to the server. Then, I had to get each item beside me so I knew my description would be correct and I had to type up a description, save, check the site to make sure the changes were good. All of this, took me about five hours. Yes, FIVE hours. (another time cost that not a lot of people realize that wahms put into their products.. and more often than not, wahms are working for free during this time and don't count it as work time otherwise they'd never stay in business because their profit would look so disappointingly low) Now, perhaps I'm slower than some or perhaps I like to provide more pictures. I'm sure I could par down the time to more like four hours with fewer pictures or I could not have so many different items and go with more of two or three stock items. The point is.. it's such a time consuming process that taking the time to check each description for spelling errors would add a bundle of time to the already long days work and I don't think it's worth it. I KNOW I have typos. Most of them are because my fingers and brain don't always work at the same speed and other times it's something I ALWAYS do like pring instead of print.. something is wired wrong in my brain. It's not that I don't know how to spell..it's that I'm trying to hurry so that I don't end up working for free. I rarely cut corners, but since it doesn't affect the quality of my work, cutting time corners like that is just something I feel is necessary.

Also, remember.. wahm means work at home MOM. Maybe she really doesn't have a handle on the English language. Maybe she did poorly in highschool and never went to college. Her talent is sewing, not web-design. Einstein couldn't tie his shoe. That doesn't mean he didn't do good work

That said, I have seen sites that are just poorly put together and it is obvious that not enough time or effort was given to the overall site. To me, that does say something. If they can't put together a decenly eye appealing website, then I think their tastes must differ enough from my own that I usually move on. I've seen some tacky tacky sites out there and wonder who in the world buys from a site that looks so unprofessional. There are some that look more like what a 11 year old girl would put together for her little brother's online picture album than a legitimate business. That's a big turn off to me.

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Originally posted by KristaCiel
I don't think there's anything wrong with politely notifying a site owner of errors. Actually, I work for a corporate website and we're always getting emails about spelling errors and inconsistencies. We fix them right away and send along our thanks--after all, we want our site to be as professional-looking as possible.
Professional is the key word here. Typos and grammatical errors don't look professional. I would still buy from the WAHM b/c I don't think their typos have anything to do w/the quality of their diapers or the way they conduct business. I think a polite email making them aware would be sufficient.
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I notice typos, but that's just because I'm anal. It doesn't make me think badly of the WAHM. I just figure they're busy.

Now, things that do affect my decision on whether or not to buy (especially things like Fuzzi Bunz, etc, things that several sites have at similar prices) are pictures. If there are no pictures or the pictures won't load I won't buy. Most sites I buy from several times, so I don't mind if it's occasional. But if more often than not pics are down I won't buy. Also, it annoys me when I try to zoom in to look at a picture and it won't let me. I'm on a budget and have to comparison shop, buy only what we really need, etc, so I want to make sure I'm making the best decision with limited funds.

A few typos, though, I overlook. Unless it makes the text difficult to read, then I'll probably click onto another site.
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Vrey Azmanig and Ramerklbe, ins't it ?!
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No it does not bother me if there are a few words that are incorrect but if 20 words out of a paragraph of 25 words are wrong I am a bit worried that the person may not know how to read and my order might get messed up. I have dyslexia and cannot spell worth beans but I am an educated smart person. But I would appreciate it if someone pointed out my errors in spelling on my site if there are any.
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Originally posted by tippytoes26
acocdrnig to an elgnsih unviesitry sutdy, the oredr of letetrs in a wrod
dosen't mttaer. the olny thnig thta's iopmrantt is that the frsit and lsat
ltteer of eervy word is in the crorect ptoision. the rset can be jmbueld and
one is stlil albe to raed the txet wiohtut dclftfuiiy."

Vrey Azmanig and Ramerklbe, ins't it ?!
Amber you are my pal! Thanks for this, I could read this so easily. Maybe even easier then if it were all spelled properly. LOL!
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