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We found the Boppy quite comfortable, and without it my arms got very tired while she was marathon nursing somedays.
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I had no problems making eye contact and holding my child while using the boppy. I used it for around 10 months.
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I loved my Boppy...I have to hold my breast when I nurse and having the pillow to raise baby up a little higher is much easier on my back.
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Originally Posted by BeccaSue1029 View Post
I loved my Boppy...I have to hold my breast when I nurse and having the pillow to raise baby up a little higher is much easier on my back.

My breasts are very large. I get easily overwhelmed with them...I can't imagine how my little one felt.

I used the boppy to prop the baby up while I held my breast to his mouth. We also used it for about 10 months. I also used pillows, blankets, stuffed animals. Whatever was around at the time.

Now he just pushes and pulls the breast around to fit his many contortionist feedings.
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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post

Like a pp when I'm out and about I either cross my foot over my knee and use my leg to help support dd or I sit cross legged on the floor and put dd in my lap. One good thing about having big droopy boobs is that they hang into my lap and it's not hard to get dd to them when I sit.
That would be me, too. But I never got the hang of the boppy. Instead, a sofa cushion works for me. Like,the little ones that sit on the couch for decoration. They're thin and firm and prop up the babe just right. If we ever get rid of the couch, the little pillows stay.....because I'm still trying to talk DH into #4 in a few more years.
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I used my boppy almost every time I nursed when DS was really little - it really did help with positioning a TON. Now I use it when DS is tired because he can comfortably fall asleep and sleep on there for a while before I go and lay him down. I definetly don't think it hinders out-of-the-house nursing, just makes in-the-house waay easier/comfier for everyone involved. We still use the boppy a couple times a day, but its definetly not 'needed'
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There is a lot of junk out there they try to market for new moms but boppy is not one of them!

Totally useful for positioning, saved my shoulders and neck that were in major major pain from toting baby, bag and gear everywhere, and cosleeping.

Added bonuses: It is a good tummy time prop when you LO isn't quite ready to be flat on the floor. Also we use it now (5 mo) to spot him from behind while he practices sitting up.
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I started out with the Boppy and now use the "brest friend" the OP pictured, and I love it. It offers great support not only for my arms, but also for my LO, and works well for the football hold. It's also great when Charlie needs to both eat and sleep, but I'm not ready to lie down myself -- it's a firm, stable enough platform that he stays comfy on me.
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Oh, I'll add, I also had the My Brest Friend pillow, and while it was VERY comfy, it was a pain to always have to wrap the back part around, and I hated hearing the velcro all the time
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I have to add my 36weeker was also in the NICU and had feeding problems. I already had the boppy but switched to "My Brest Friend" after using it in a meeting with a lactation consultant. It's wonderful! It's what I would buy for anyone planning to BF.

It is entirely possible for someone to feed without it. But if you could use the help- take the help!

My baby is now 6 months and I don't use either pillow any more. I LOVE nursing lyind down! It is the best thing ever! I've passed on the Brest Friend and the boppy gets used for sitting support or as a really big horseshoe by my oldest.
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My LO was 9lbs at birth. My friend had an 11lbder. We both used pillows extensively when they were really young... otherwise your arm felt like it was going to fall off!
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Ditto to all the praise....I prefered MBF as OP linked over the Boppy, but both got used extensively for breastfeeding, then later for bottle-feeding (preemies never really got the hang of nursing). it pretty much just holds your arms up while you arms hold the baby, and help you relax.
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Originally Posted by zoebugsmom View Post
I used the boppy as a pillow to sit on so my stitches didn't hurt so much.
That was very necessary for me with the 3rd degree tear my DD gave me. Not to mention I had really bad pregnancy induced carpel tunnel that didn't go away completely until DD was about 9 months old. So I needed support early on so I didn't drop her because my hands/wrists didn't work right and were not up to her marathon nursing sessions.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boppy and in fact I take it with me most of the time. (not to the grocery store and stuff but anytime i'm going to be at someones house). it not only makes positioning a breeze and provides suppport, but provides an easy cover for your tummy and sides when you lift your shirt. i hate hassling with a blanket. love it!

to save money (and make personal, fun covers) you can get the bare naked boppy and download a free cover pattern and sew up your own. (Versus 10$ a pop for retail ones). My mom is sewing me different ones, jersey for warm weather so far, but she's going to do fleece for cooler weather now.
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I use it because with my very large breast, I had a hard time supporting a newborn and holding my breast when nursing. The Boppy makes it easier since it help lift DD up. Now I use it because it is easer on my back. It is a lifesaver for me when using the football hold. I still hold my baby and I have no problem nursing her without it when I'm out.
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I tried a boppy with my babies and they just didnt like it!
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Just an FYI to anyone looking to get a Boppy or a My Brest Friend, I got a Boppy for $8 and a My Brest Friend for $6.50 at "Once Upon a Child" (baby consignment shop). The covers come right off and can be washed, or you can buy a replacement cover for waaayyy less than the cost of a new stinkin' pillow. And if you're handy with a sewing machine, I bet you could make some nice covers for next to nothing.
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Well there is no possible way for me to use cradle hold. My boob would smother him, I am a 38G. What I have done with nb's is use the boppy, one hand holding my boob and one cradling baby's head. It made bfing so much easier. Now I just use a pillow under ds's head because he needs to nurse in an upright position due to reflux.
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Heres some article about baby nursing pillows...If that helps anybody
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My nursing pillow was invaluable to me when my baby was small. It was an ecobaby nursing pillow, I loved it. Here's a link to a nursing pillow that I think is great. http://www.belly-fish.com/ Although I have never used it I met the creators at a natural baby expo a few months back. They were all young mothers who wanted a portable nursing pillow and some added privacy. You can chose to use the cover or not. It can become so compact, I will definitely get one of these next time around.
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