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Shaking and Trembling with a Panic Attack? SORRY SO LONG!

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I'm 40, i started having panic attacks at 15 years old. I had them for about 15years and then they pretty much stopped, (without any treatment) for about 5 years, i still had anxiety at times and the begining of panic attacks, but not full blown ones. I have been under a lot of stress for the past 4 years and about 2 years ago i had my first full blown panic attack in many years, although it was fairly mild. About a year ago i started having attacks, well like panic attacks, but somewhat different than the ones that i had for so many years. I only have them at night, between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am. Sometimes they awaken me from sleep. I get a sudden chill along with extreme fear and then immediately very hot and heart pounding hard and fast and then i feel my jaw and legs get slightly tight and i feel like i'm going to start shaking, sometimes they only last 10-20 minutes with no or little shaking and sometimes they last up to an hour and my legs shake and my teeth chatter togather. I also get a dry mouth and its hard to get a deep breath. When i have the long ones, the fear and shaking comes in waves over and over untill finally the fear and shaking is gone. The shaking is visable, but not extreme. Like knees knocking and teeth chattering. Before i never had the tightening muscles and shaking with my panic attacks, so i was worried and thought maybe because of the shaking that they were seizures, i did some research and there are some seizures that are somewhat like this, but i don't know? Also i started taking my bp while i'm having these attacks and, normally my bp is low to normal, but during these attacks the top number gos into the high range, it goes up and down depending on how nervous i'm feeling. I went to the doctor today and she said it is most likely panic attacks, that during most seizures you don't know you are having them. She didn't want to give me anxiety meds. yet. I have had about 12-15 in the last year. Also when i started having these i was drinking alcohol almost daily, so i stopped and didn't have one for a month, but have had many since, even though i still don't drink. I was wondering if anyone else has these type of panic attacks or knows anything about them, or seizures for that matter. Any help would be very appreciated, thanx.
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DP has had panic attacks that sound much like what you are experiencing. My thought would be since they seem to all happen in the same relative time frame perhaps there is a reason they happen then. Since your doc didn't want to prescribe meds did she give you any ideas of what you can do that might be helpful?
With DP there are a few things that can be helpful. When the attacks occur at nighttime like you are describing it seems to be helpful to get out of bed and do something somewhat active - kind of get the mind off of it. Journaling and painting have also helped, as have things like Rescue Remedy and Nerve Tonic by Hyland's. Sometimes it helps to have other people around or call someone that can be supportive (regardless of the time of day).

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is just what has been helpful for DP. Please continue to speak with a medical provider about your experience.
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Thanx for mentioning the natural treatments, i'm looking into them and will mention them to my Doctor!
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I have had panic attack symptoms like those you described, esp. in my teens years with the teeth chattering and the shaking. Interesting about the night time thing--I too would have the "shivers and sh!ts" (sorry for the colourful language) in the night time when I've pushed myself too far physically. This means when I've overdone the exercise or done way too many things in a day. Also this would happen to me when I hadn't eaten enough in a day and was too busy.

Interesting that your panic attacks went on and off over the years and are returning now. What is the trigger, do you know? Remember, this will pass.

Yoga, meditation, relaxing music, nutritious eating, supplements (omega 3's, B vitamins, multivitamin), exercise, talking, sunshine. Take care of yourself. This will pass. You have been through this before and it will pass.
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Thanx for the help suggestions! Yeh i have a pretty good idea why i started having them again. Five years ago i finally took a stand and kicked my alcoholic, abusive, cheating husband out of our house! Then immediately preceded to get into another relationship, with guess what another alcoholic abuser! Yeh i know STUPID! I got pregnant and ended up giving up my nice house i had, my job and independence to move my 2 , now 3 kids and myself in with him. I thought because i was pregnant that i should move in with him even though everyone i knew warned me! Now i'm finding it very hard to get out, though 1 of my kids got out my son moved out right after his 18th birthday, he's told me to move out too! I don't know, i plan on doing it one day!
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big hugs
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Thank you!
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I just experienced this at 2 this morning, shaking teeth chattering, pacing, going out side in a rob and it was 40 something degrees, my Dr. put me on lexapro 10mg today.
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