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Constipation!! Help!

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How do I get rid of it? I am feeling desperate. I haven't gone for over a week now, and I am in pain and crying and miserable. I just want to heal and enjoy my baby.

I've tried stool softeners, double stool softeners, prune juice, milk of magnesia, miralax, suppositories, mineral oil enemas and saline enemas - nothing has worked. I've cut out my pain meds, iron, and processed foods and increased my fiber.

My doctor's last suggestion came late Friday - the enemas. When those didn't work, I pretty much had a breakdown and sobbed. He won't be available again until Monday!

Any ideas???
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Did you use a fleet style enema or an enema bag? I think A LOT of warm water in a bag ,taken very slowly, laying on your left side is the way to go. Then turn onto your back when all the water is in (this part can be very uncomfortable) and hold it for 10 min or as long as you can. If this doesn't work, keep doing it a few times before you give up. try getting up and walking around, sort of jostle it around if you can. Sounds crazy. I am so sorry you are so backed up, I've been there and it's awful. I couldn't find the hugs smilie but I'm sending you some.
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Make sure you are drinking enough water through out the day.

Caffeine can sometimes make you go...usually with sugar, I'm thinking of a Lg carmel latte. I know this might not work for you but I does for me sometimes. Also sometimes sugar in the am without substance gets me going.
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Maybe some coffee? That's what I'm going to try as I'm going on 3 days and am uncomfortable. Hoping you get some relief very soon
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Try Karo Syrup. apparently it draws water into your intenstines making the stool softer. Hope it helps.
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#1- Stop worrying! Easier said than done I know, but these things are hormonally regulated and stress messes up the system in a lot of people.

Follow a hot cup of (caffeinated and sweetened) coffee with a cold glass of water. The sudden temp. change can sometimes trigger intestinal "movement."

I've always had problems with constipation and this always works for me:

Poop smoothie!
In a high speed blender mix spinach (I use frozen), apple, banana, berries, mango and flax seeds. Thin it out with rice milk or fruit juice.

Drink one of those followed by a big glass of water every day for a week and you'll certainly be regular.

Also, the behavior of colon is completely dependent on your water consumption. Drink at least a half gallon a day.
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Omega 3-6-9 pills...
I turned all the little old ladies in my family on to them
The over 85yr old set is hooked

I went out and got them again as I felt my iron stores were low..
picked up liquid iron so I didn't want to get rabbit turds with the iron as it can be binding...happy to say I am once a day
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