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Wisconsin Homeschoolers

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What do I need to do to please the schools and government in Wi. I am currently homeschooling my 2 youngest but they aren't of school age. We will begin homeschooling our daughter next fall or even possibly sooner depending on how she is feeling.

Is there paper work I need to do? How do I pull my child out of school? Do I need to "prove" I am homeschooling."

I know this probably belongs under the homeschooling section, however I want to know how this works in WI. Also what do I need to do for my daughter to "graduate".
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I would find a HSing group around you ASAP. Its very helpful to talk to someone who has done it for a while.


What you NEED to do is fill out a form and mail it in by October 15th.
"The home-based private educational program telephone numbers, 608-266-5761 or toll free 1-888-245-2732, ext. 1, are available for requests of form PI-1206 and additional general home-based private educational program information."
So call the number.. Leave your name and address and they will mail you the form on Friday. You should get it a few days after Friday. Fill it out and mail it to them in October.
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Remember that you don't need to submit the form for a child until the year they turn 6 by Sept. 1st. Once you submit a form, you will continue to receive forms each year after that.

I would suggest going to the WPA conference in May, especially if you might pull your oldest out of school to homeschool. You'll meet many parents doing the same thing, and find lots of resources. I went this past year, and it solidified my decision not only to homeschool, but to feel confident in which type of homeschooling would work best for ds.
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Thanks a bunch!! This is why I love MDC!
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Just wanted to wish you luck. Wisconsin is a great state for homeschooling!
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Thanks again
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