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Weekly Chit Chat 9/14 - 9/20

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Oohhh Me! I get to start it!

This has to be really fast, becasue my computer at home has died (power outage) and I don't know when it'll get fixed. I don;t know when I'll be able to post again, so-

MW appt went fine, I have definately dropped bigtime, but the baby is still nice and mobile, and HR is good. Weight is funky again, lost 3/4 lb in two weeks. MW said that's a good sign that I'm getting toward the end. right now I actually wish I had another extra month to get ready!

I'm going to try to go back and read the whole massive thread ya'll created last week, I feel like I've missed so much!

Have a good week everyone, and I'll drop by as I can!
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I am pleased to come in and finally be able say that I have had a really boring couple of weeks pregnancy wise! A boring pregnancy is how I like them and this one has been anything but!

DH has been home for two weeks now on leave but goes back to work on Monday. We've been doing a ton of stuff around the house and getting a few baby things done...we did get our new car seat which is really exciting...especially for the kids who are loving the box in which it came in...seriously, why do we buy them expensive toys?

I have an OB appointment on Wednesday and my (hopefully) final u/s will next the following week. I can't believe I'm thirty five weeks! Where did the time go?
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Today has been a good day

Lailah and I are at my mothers house, just hanging out. Tomorrow is my baby shower and I'm going to spend the night alone at my moms, for a little time off.

I'm feeling pretty achy and my sister is going to be kind enough to give me a great back rub (DH hates giving them, lol!).

So today I'm going to relax and Lailah gets to spend the night all alone with daddy which is nice since he's been working so much. They have so much fun together!!
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Subbing- We're heading out to meet my friend/photographer at a park for maternity pictures. I'm hot and swollen so wish me luck!
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Yay! I made the first page again!

Any ideas for helping out sort of high bp? I think it was just a fluke but I'd like to avoide any future flukes. It was still normal but high for me.
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It's only the 13th!

Now ladies, don't rush the month by too fast.
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Originally Posted by janasmama View Post
It's only the 13th!

Now ladies, don't rush the month by too fast.
That's what I was thinking! lol I'd be first if I started on Saturday, too
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I'll try to get in on this one early. I'm glad all you mamas are having "boring" and normal weeks in the pregnancy. That's a good thing! I've got 2.5 weeks until my due date! I'm not counting on this one coming early, since DD and DS were 6 and 8 days "late". Still, it is just around the corner. I have to assemble my home birth stuff and get my emergency hospital bag backed. I'm in the safe zone for the homebirth though!! Hand in there ladies!
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I'm just hanging out today washing diapers. I still can't get over how cute they are!!!

My friend, who I just found out is 6 months pg, is coming over for dinner tonight. Dh is making spaghetti sauce and she's bringing desert. We haven't seen her in FOREVER, so it should be fun.

It's been cool enough that I've been wearing jeans again and I'm loving not having to look at my fat thighs anymore! Seriously, my self-esteem has gotten a big boost wearing pants, I look WAY better!
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I am tired today, but I did manage to make a puffed wheat cake and nachos for dinner.

pregnancy wise everything is looking good, BP is good, sugars are good, baby is moving lots still....Still working on getting my Iron up high enough. My midwife says i'm good for a homebirth but she would like to see it up a bit higher yet otherwise she is not comfortable going without the pit shot after birth...well see.

I still have little things to do....wash diapers, finish up ds#2 first year scrapbook, get a few more supplies for homebirth, get the kids bags packed and pack a bag for emergency hospital transfer.
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Originally Posted by janasmama View Post
It's only the 13th!

Now ladies, don't rush the month by too fast.
Oh but rushing the month by sounds great!
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I agree, can we put the next few weeks on fast forward?

AAM - Warning: huge whiny rant ahead. Anybody have any advice for pregnancy induced carpal tunnel? My hands HURT. I can only describe the pain as achey, relentless, and crippling. I can't grip anything. I can't make a fist. Whenever I bend over to pick anything up my hands zap and go numb (think like when you hit your funny bone). Today was the worst day so far. I've been battling the tingling and off and on cramping up for about a week, but today it is just horrible. Ugh. The only relief I can get is from holding something cold. Which is really annoying.

/end rant

On another note - in just a few short hours, I'll be 37 weeks pg! : Yay for being cleared for a homebirth!

Changed - how did your photo shoot go? Mine is next weekend. I'm also feeling crappy lately so we'll see how they turn out! lol...
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Good... I'm so self critical that it's hard to enjoy it yk? It was good to see my friend though.
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Well, never mind. Our friend canceled on us 20 minutes after she was supposed to be here. I can completely understand, being a migraine sufferer myself, but she's canceled due to a headache so many times that I haven't seen her in I think a year! It's kind of frustrating. Especially when you've cleaned your house and made dinner and are sitting around waiting for her to show up. Oh well!
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Dang! I hate that for you!
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Bummer Emily! I'd be frustrated too if I'd gone to all that trouble only to get cancelled on that late in the evening.

Carrie, I don't know anything about carpal tunnel as it relates to pregnancy but you can help the symptoms by resting it and chiro care. If it gets to really bothering you, ice it. Ice is always safe. Ask your chiro what they recommend; ice or heat. Hope it gets better! I'm sure that's miserable!

, that's exciting you got to do your maternity pics! I hope you'll share the ones you're comfortable with!

Jessica, I hope you have a great time at your Mom's and with the shower. How nice of your sis to give you a little extra attention with a back rub! Sounds heavenly!

AAM: Everything is fine here. We've ben gone all day for the Mizzou game. It has done nothing but rain yesterday and today. We had pretty bad storms yesterday so we got out of town late. We had tornados touch down until about 7:30pm. I didn't go into the game today because of the rain. I sat at the tailgate setup (IL's Expedition) with DH's Grandma. We're home now and I'm pretty tired. We have tickets for Chiefs football tomorrow......it's an all football kind of weekend! Nothing new pregnancy-wise. My next appt is Thursday and we'll be doing the GBS swab so wish me luck! Hopefully the effort I've made with natural supplements will reward me with a negative test result! : Other than that, I'm just hoping to get a call this week from my BFF/Doula that she's in labor or has had the baby. She's 40wks tomorrow and typically delivers pretty close to her EDD. She and I both think the full moon sounds promising (Monday).

Have a great rest of your weekend ladies!
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Well, I will be 37 weeks on tuesday I am almost cleared that I am not having my baby "premature" although I do NOT want to have my little Thierry Bear for another 3w3d

Mmmm, tonight DH and I made Honey Walnut Shrimp. I think I died and went to heaven. It was even better than we got at Mandarin Gourmet when we lived in Monterey. And then for dessert was the green tea cheesecake I made with strawberry lemon curd sauce. Yum! My mom didn't like the cheesecake, didn't like the green tea flavor. More for me

It is sooooo good to have my DH back home. Ahhh, I missed him soooo much!

My only complaint at the moment is this pregnancy induced sciatica that I have. I will be walking in the grocery store (or just sitting in a chair ) and I double over in pain, this horrible shooting pain down my leg. So even though it is a different pain than the carpel tunnel, Carrie, I feel for ya!

Oh yeah, I am going to bring my revised *read: less chatty* birth plan to my OB appointment on Tuesday after my : weekly ultrasound . I will finally be seeing *my* doctor (who has been MIA the past two appts)

I hope everybody has a wonderful week (and its ALMOST 12 here, so ALMOST Sunday )
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Haven't read through all the posts, but I will tomorrow!

I'm so happy to report that I've finally finished the carseat cover! This project has been a thorn in my side, let me tell you. I've even lost sleep over it! It's been the 'biggest' project, even though it really didn't take that long to sew. I did it sans pattern b/c I couldn't find one I liked, and loved the cover I had from ds, so I just used it as a template. It's not perfect.. but it's done! Done, done, done! Yay! Last big thing is complete!


35wks as of Friday.. 5-7wks to go! And I feel completely ready! I'm tired and achey all the time these days. I want her to cook as long as she needs, but would be thrilled if she didn't make me wait an extra week or two
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That's beautiful!!!

I'm assuming you used a pattern? Which one? Wow... I'm so impressed!!
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Wow Megan, good job on the carseat cover. You just blew the wind out of my sail....I just finished my pretty little minky blanket for the baby and I thought I did a great job with some decorative stitching and all.

We just went and bought a camera tonight but the battery is charging so tomorrow I'll finally be able to post a belly pic and I'll show you all the blanket too. It'll be hard to see any detail but at least you'll be able to see the fabric.

ETA a picture of the blanket

Here you go.
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