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High Palette

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My daughter has a high palette and i am wondering what can/needs to be done to help her nurse. She has a good latch but comes off fairly easily sometimes and we are dealing with supply issues so i am just looking for anything that might help. I havent done much research (yet) so any words of wisdom will help!
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Hi there! My DD also had a fairly high palate. It did make nursing tricky, especially during the first few months. We had supply problems due to her difficult latch and I ended up with badly cracked nips. But I want to encourage you to stick with it! A lot of the problems we had in the beginning were due to the small size of my newborn's mouth. As she grew, and her mouth grew, she was able to latch on deeper and when that happened she stopped hurting me and she was able to transfer milk more effectively, at which point my supply problems were a thing of the past.

What are you doing about your supply issues? When I had problems, the thing that helped me the most was going to see an IBCLC. She helped me improve my latch, recommended some helpful herbs (fenugreek and blessed thistle), told me to ask my midwife about Reglan (a prescription drug which can increase milk supply- please do not take it without consulting your health care provider!), and rented me a professional scale and a hospital-grade pump. By weighing my baby before and after nursing, I was able to determine exactly how much milk she was taking in, which in the beginning was not enough. Frequent pumping with the hospital-grade pump helped me to increase my supply in a hurry.

HTH, and good luck!
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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I did see a IBCLC early on and she is the one who said she has a high palate but didnt say anything more. Of course the main priority was getting her weight back up (she had lost 1lb in 2 weeks). Anyway, her weight is up and we are slowly weaning off the SNS so i am very hopeful and know that we will soon be having a normal breastfeeding relationship.
The things i am doing to increase supply are taking: fenugreek (12 capsules daily), goat's rue (3 1/2tsp daily) and Domperidone (12 -10mg capsules daily) and eating all the lactogenic foods i can possibly consume. I am also pumping as often as i can with a Symphony pump but i am not able to do that as often as i would have hoped because she is nursing fairly frequently and i would rather her be providing the stimulation than the pump since i dont let down for the pump but i do for her. Anyway, i havent a clue what else i could possibly do to increase supply but any suggestions are welcome.
I will probably contact the IBCLC again specifically about her high palate. Thanks for the suggestion!
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I have noticed that a high palate can sometimes go along with a tongue-tie. You may want to check out hte tongue-tie sticky at the top of this forum for more information (tongue-tie could account for some of the troubles nursing as well.)
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I did take her to an ENT to check for tongue-tie...he said she looks perfect. Only think "wrong" with her is high palate...thank goodness. My son (3yo now) had both high palate and tongue tie and i wasnt able to breast feed him (long story i dont want to re-live). Anyway, doing everything i possibly can to breast feed now. thanks for the suggestion though, hopefully it will help someone else!
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Just wanted to reiterate the pp's support and suggestions. My youngest also has a very high palatte. We struggled with BF'ing for the first few months until she got a bit bigger and stronger (she was also a 35 weeker, and slept through the 1st 2 months of life, combined with latch and suck issues and the resulting low supply - ugh). Anyhow, just wanted to support you and tell you if you can get through the begining it WILL get a lot easier. I'm not sure there was much to do in terms of helping my dd get it down more easily - I tried seeing 2 different chiropracters, a craniosacral therapist, and OT and SLP, doing tongue exercises. I can't say whether any of that helped but she did eventually get it down. In the mean time it sounds like you're doing everything right in terms of getting nutrients into your LO and keeping up your supply as best you can.

: and
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