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The Queer & Pregnant Thread --- mid-Sept. till Dec. 2008

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If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Queer and Pregnant

October 2008
TryingMammas, due 10/2008
HeddyBee, due 10/19/2008

November 2008
Melissa and Susan - due 11/21/08
Cartesia - due 11/27/2008

December 2008
Deah, due 12/4/2008
MujerMamaMismo, due 12/14/2008
Simcon, due 12/20/2008
Tigermiep (and dp M), due December
shaller (tiggerkong), due mid - December

January 2009
2happymamas - Jill & Kerri, due 1/3/2009
d80mama, 1/29/2009

February 2009
Starling and Diesel, due 2/14/2009

March 2009
Pigirl, due 3/8/2009
Erica12009, due 3/8/2009
Pranava, due 3/14/2009
Giggleblue, due 3/14/2009

April 2009
Quasar (and dp Smartycat), due 4/10/2009
Heart-n-Bones, due 4/21/2009

May 2009
Lemurmommies, due 05/01/2009
Ellie74, due 5/20/2009

June 2009
Nnejy, due early June
ktcl, due June
jodybird511, due 6/4/2009
lena (dp to lexbeach), due 6/25/2009

July 2009
JennM1021, due 7/3/2009
QTRANDI, due 7/12/2009
Mommies_2_be, due 7/12/2009
ninefirefly, due 7/30/2009

Graduates!!! Yeeeahaaa!!
NZmumof2 (Anna, DP Leah), Florence born 1/23/2008
Jentina (Jen & Sarah), Ellis Thomas born 2/20/2008
msjodi, Delaney Cait born 5/1/2008
mamastotwo, Boy/Girl twins born 5/2/2008
thismama, Zelda born 5/6/2008
TheGirls, Alexandra Kathryn Stay born on 5/12/2008
rightkindofme, Shanna Francesca born 5/24/2008
MollyKenzie, Lucy and Edie born 6/18/2008
kk_davey, Grier born 7/7/2008
mamimapster, Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam born 7/15/2008
AngelaM (Angela), Ocean Rae born 8/10/2008
Venustx, Triplets!! Levi, Sage, and Jillian born 8/12/2008
Scalpel (Jess, DP Darcie), Alexis Jean born 8/29/2008
Becca, Phoebe Joy born 10/9/2008
JenInMpls (DP Jo), E.W. born 10/24/2008

Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon
Snoopy13 (JD)
megincl and her DP, Q
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Hey Giggleblue,

Thanks for starting a new thread for me to stalk!

I can be moved to the graduates section, please. Ocean Rae was born on 8/10/08.
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hey, giggleblue, can you switch me to due 11/29/08? That's my actual EDD. We're trying to convince the baby to come on time.
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Could you please add Quasar and Smartycat's EDD of 4/10/09. Thanks!

Also, other graduates that I am aware have posted details somewhere are...
Thismama, Solejean, Scalpel and Venustx. When it isn't 5 in the a.m. and I'm not hopped up on Vicodan, I can try to look up their info. Did KK ever post after her birth?

Thanks for the new thread giggleblue!
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HI! tigerbaby is due to tigermiep and dp M in December!:

Thanks, giggleblue, for being the threadkeeper.

smarty and quasar -- i'm glad you're all okay!
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You can put me down for due April 21, 2009!!
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You can put me down for a May 20th EDD. Thx!
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thanks smartycat for the research!!

i have updated everything as requested up to this point.
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Smartycat, I'm really really glad you're okay. That sounds terrifying. I'm going to go give DP a very long hug.
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Folks, I am freaking out here! How does anyone make it through these first few weeks of pregnancy? Just got blood drawn for my third set of betas. First numbers looked good, but...they're just numbers. I just can't believe that we have to wait another 2 or 3 weeks to get an ultrasound, and yet another month to get through the woods of the first trimester.

Anyone have techniques for calming the anxiety? One moment I'm blissed out and picking baby names, the next I'm having visions of worst case scenarios. The internet is great for support, but it's also a dangerous tool for finding out all that can go wrong.

These are the times when I wish I had religion!

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Thanks for keeping the thread Giggleblue! Our EDD is 5/10/09 - Mother's Day!

Ellie - I hear you! This is such a helpless time! It's practically an extended TWW at times. I try to journal in a pregnancy keepsake journal and just repeat - "to the best of anyone's knowledge, I am pregnant at this moment and I'm grateful for that"

We had our first appointment yesterday and had a sonogram. I was 6 wks exactly, but the bean was measuring at 5wks2days - they said not to worry about that, but of course I can't help it. Also, the heartbeat was only 100 beats per minute and they said that they keep a close watch on anything under 120 beats per minute - but that, again, I shouldn't worry. Easier said than done!
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When we went for our first ultrasound, at 6 weeks, the HB was only 96 and they gave us no reason to be concerned about it. I know that 100 seems low, but actually it's right on target for that stage of growth. As for getting through the first trimester and worrying that 'something' could happen, I admit, it's tough. I worried, but i didn't let it overtake my thoughts. I just think positively and try to feel connected to the little one. Of course, I did get a Doppler so that I can monitor things now whenever I want. But yes, these first weeks are difficult. Hang in there!
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our baby's HB at the exactly 6wk scan was only 96-98 and no one said squat to us. And when I looked it up... The HB starts around 5wk3d at 80-85bpm and then increases an average of 3.3bpm up to a certain point (that part I can't remember now). So with that calculation, at 6wks you should only be at 98bpm. So in other words... perfect!! :

I don't know how to tell you to find the zen part. For whatever reason, I just have had faith in this baby and have been pretty calm. I like to look at www.visembryo.com and www.ehd.org and look at all the pics and follow along with what my baby is doing and that really kept me focused on the positives.
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Thanks you guys. You're the best! :

I keep telling myself that this is just good practice for parenting - a lifetime of wanting to protect the little one and not always being in control.

My partner just reminded me of the great effort I made a few weeks ago to just be relaxed and optimistic and have faith that the bean would decide to be conceived. That seemed to work, so now I guess I have to keep it up.

Glad that many of you are a few weeks ahead of me on this rollercoaster and have so much recently-acquired wisdom to share!
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Ellie you just have to remember this: you are not in charge. Your body is in charge, the baby is in charge. You can only take care of your body.
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Here are better links to get to the good parts of those websites I listed...


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Ellie - I'm not freaking out so much about what might go wrong (which is rather surprising). Mostly I just can't believe it's real. Sick feelings aside, I don't feel like I'm pregnant. I wish I could hear the baby's heart beat or feel the baby move or see my belly really poking out or something... I saw the midwife this morning and she said it was probably too early to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. So, now I have to wait a whole month to see her again and get a chance to hear the baby's heart beat. She did say, though, that my uterus was really popping up and out - so, maybe my belly will start growing here soon!

Waiting is so hard!
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I know what you mean too Ellie. I'm now 7w 4d, and won't be seeing my midwife until 10w 4d. No bloodwork done until then, and I won't be having an ultrasound until week 19-20 unless there is some cause for concern. So all I can do is take care of myself, feel confident in the fact that I have had no cramping or bleeding, and wait. I think I'm happy that I haven't had any blood tests yet, because they'd just give me numbers to obssess over.

Like Jen said, your body and the baby are in charge. Nothing is going to change anything right now except time.
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i had/have the same worries. since the appointments are only once a month, you kinda have to float on faith until the next one.

this may seem strange to think about it this way, but i figure if i'm not having any cramps with bleeding, then everything must be fine! you really can't worry about things that haven't happen yet.

i also had to take a step back from reading the sites about what could go wrong. realize that their are sooo many factors that go into a pregnancy. something bad that happen to someone else doesn't mean that it will happen to you and reading about it will just make you stress more. keep those bad stories at a distance!
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