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Oh, Carmen, what a rotten thing to have happen. Take good care of yourself. My thoughts are with you.
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carmen, I'm sorry I'm late with my response, I was out of town. I am sorry to hear your news; you will be in my thoughts.
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I am so, so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks, everyone. I ended up in the ER at 5am on Saturday morning and just got home about an hour ago. I was all prepped and ready for surgery with a possibility of losing a tube but I asked if we could just wait and see what happens for awhile longer. Luckily, my pain got better, my blood pressure when up (it had taken a dip and everyone was in a panic) and the u/s didn't show anything abnormal. They figure the corpus luteum cyst may have leaked a bit. Anyway, again, no 'real' reason for the m/c. We've only tried 3 times, got pregnant 3 times, 3 m/c......I have a follow up appointment on Thursday to decide if there may be a problem worth looking into further or if it's just 'one of those things.' I really hate those things at the moment.

Health and happiness to all of you and I hope to be back one day.
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Sign Us Up!

Dw (Lena) is just barely pregnant with our fourth babe. EDD June 25. We are over the moon.

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Congrats, lex and fam! :
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Lex! That's AWESOME!!!
How exciting for you and your fabulous posse!
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wowie Lex, that didn't take so very long (did it? Or maybe I've just lost track of time?!)! Congrats!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
wowie Lex, that didn't take so very long (did it? Or maybe I've just lost track of time?!)! Congrats!!
This was our first cycle actually trying after a few months of charting and several years of debating, lol. We were able to use the very last vial of sperm from our other kids' donor. And we got really, really, unbelievably lucky. I hope our luck holds out for the next 9 months. :

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Originally Posted by lexbeach View Post
We were able to use the very last vial of sperm from our other kids' donor. And we got really, really, unbelievably lucky. I hope our luck holds out for the next 9 months. :
Must have been meant to be, eh? That is FANTASTIC. I do wish that bambino #2 had the same donor as #1 but we didn't bank and no one, anywhere, had a sample.

Many appendages crossed for you

tigermiep, I got a new candle over the weekend and it's dedicated to your previa going away... any new news?
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I'm so sorry to PleasentlyFurious and Carmen. It's just not fair.

I'm 18 1/2 weeks now. Starting to show just a little, but not so much that I don't fit into my clothes. Still 10 pounds under my start weight, but the doctor hasn't said anything about it yet. 1 week till I find out the sex. XP is still deciding whether or not she will be in the baby's life at all. I think it's really crappy that she could stick me with all of the responsibility of this with no support - emotional or financial - whatsoever. I had a terrible day yesterday sitting down and looking over my finances. It's the first time the shock of the break up wasn't so strong so I could focus on the reality. The reality is not so good. I may have to move in with my parents which means moving out of the very liberal city I love. I can't believe XP could do this to me. I still don't think she understands the gravity of the situation. Right now she owes me $500 for bills and doesn't have it. Five weeks ago I wrote her new girlfriend a short letter - never got a response. Yesterday I emailed her basically saying I was not trying to get XP back, and I hoped we could all be friends. No response yet. I will invite them both to dinner in a few weeks and if she refuses to attend (three strikes she's out!), I will know she is a royal b----, and XP has made a horrible hasty decision. I think XP is not allowed to talk to me because I only get short texts from her when her new girlfriend is not around.

Anyway, I'm hoping that knowing the sex of the baby will help me be happier about being pregnant. I'm dreading going to the ultrasound alone, but all my friends work during the day, so it looks like I will be on my own for this. Sorry this all sounds so gloomy. I am feeling better, just very dissapointed in XP.
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oh, pranava. what a situation to be in.

Might the single mamas board here at MDC have some ideas for you on how you can make the situation work and not have to move in with your parents? And are you ready to milk the system for all its worth (WIC, food stamps, etc)?

Just thoughts. Good luck. I am sure that ultrasound WILL make you happier than you think right now. xoxo
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Welcome Lexbeach!!

Carmen, I'm glad to hear you didn't have to have surgery and lose a tube. May you heal quickly now and find some peace.

Pranava, So sorry you are still having such a hard time of it and are not able to enjoy this pregnancy. I pray the excitement of finding out the sex will give you some renewed energy about the pregnancy. You deserve it!

I am thrilled to be moving out of the first trimester! I've continued to have on/off spotting and problems with my uterus and cervix not being where they should be. The doctor doesn't seem to be worried about either, but every time I see blood I get so scared. I'm trying to stay calm, but many days that's mostly a farce. I'm hoping that now that I'm out of the first trimester I can start to relax a little and maybe really believe everything's going to be okay. We see the OB tomorrow morning, and I am really hoping to be able to hear the heartbeat. I just wish I could feel the baby already and then, at least, I'd have some way of knowing baby's okay.
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i just want to say congrats to lexbeach again!

pranava - i'm still hoping the best for you. i'm not sure if there are other things you can do to avoid having to move home, but i hope that things fall into place well. it's better that you are getting things situated now to make the best out of your situation. it's sad that she has chosen to skip out on the baby!

carmen - i'm happy you were able to avoid the surgery! i'm wishing you the best for your future and i hope that someone will be able to tell you soon what is happening.

afm - all is going well in the baby dome. i pushed back the next ultrasound to 22 weeks. since we aren't finding out the sex, i figure there is no really hurry. i have an appointment tomorrow (the standard weight, piss, heartbeat) and i'm still in the process of trying to get some medicaid in my life and find a new doctor since my current one doesn't accept medicaid.

i've had that weird craving for steak lately. not sure what that's about, but i've been throwing them back because 1. protein is good for the body and 2. if i'm craving it, i must need it. i need to look into that and see what that means though. i'm totally not a steak eater, but lately, i've gone as far as to grill them up myself for lunch. crazy stuff! i'm cooking them on an iron grill. i figure that's what it is that i'm lacking.
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Congrats to Lex and Lena! It's funny for me to see people showing up on the list now with EDDs almost 2 months after mine. It doesn't feel like I've been pregnant that long!

pranava - So sorry to hear that on top of all the regular pregnancy stress and the breakup stress, there's now financial stresses thrown on top. I hope that you're able to find a solution that works out well for you and your little one.

I've got an ultrasound on Friday morning, for the purposes of narrowing down my due date. I'm both excited and scared. What if there are two in there? What if the baby stopped growing? What if they find something wrong? The not knowing anything at all seemed nice and blissful. I just hope it goes okay.
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We had our doctor's appointment today. Nothing too crazy, but we did get to hear the baby for the first time. Well... we have a Doppler at home, so I guess it wasn't the first time we heard it. Still, it's such a reassuring sound. The heartbeat seems to be staying right around 148-152. We also set up an appointment for a 'dating and anatomy' ultrasound in 4 weeks. So, we should find out the sex pretty soon! :
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My bicycle was stolen the other night. Normally, I am great at handling this sort of thing ... loss of material stuff rarely bothers me. But this time, I am pissed at the thief. Hormones, maybe?
Or maybe just the simple fact that the person stole it from an AMBULANCE station in the middle of the night while I was out ALL NIGHT tending to the owies and wowies hither and yon ... and I know said thief (likely drunk, looking for a quicker way home from the bar) has no idea that they stole it from a pregnant woman, but still ... really, come on. Who steals from an ambulance station?

On the other hand, I did want a dutch bike. Pink. With sparkles. And a basket. Or a groovy bike like Lex has. My mountain bike was starting to squish the baby.

Sigh. Hopefully whoever took it needs it more than me.

RIP, my sturdy white Canadian-made steed. We'll always have Burning Man; you decked out in pink fun fur and christmas lights, me in lingerie and fishnet stockings, armed with a parasol and shimmering feather boa. Those were the days, my friend.
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: Lex, that's amazing. You two must be super fertile because super sperm is nothing without super eggs and a great uterus! Congrats.

Pranava - your ex has me baffled. I'm sorry your reality is crappy at the moment. I've got everything I can crossed so that you don't have to move in with your parents. : sending you love and strength as always.

S&D - they stole your bike! rude! sorry to hear it. Here's to a newer sparklier one!
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Super excited to be here!!

Hi everyone!!
DW and I are expecting our first in early June! :
We've been talking and planning for what feels like forever, and it's hard to believe it's finally here!
I'm trying to love every minute...though I could do without the nausea and food aversions! I'm sure DW would agree, I normally love everything she makes, but the last week or so I've been a little hard to please!
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Welcome Nnejy don't worry, the nausea and food aversions will eventually get better!
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