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BOLD Play, 9/20 - It's Gonna ROCK!!!!

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Organizing a week's worth of BOLD events has knocked me out! I haven't been eating and sleeping like I should, which got me sick for a little more than a week

I had been sort of winding down until Thursday night.....
I showed up to one of the rehearsals and was just completely WOW'ed!!!! I met this amazonian nubian goddess of a woman who plays a strong mama character.

Picture this: I walk into the room and she is on all fours roaring her baby out! I had to do a double take, lol. It was just as great the second time and I laughed with the project co-coordinator about how we both stood in the back of the room suppressing the urge to push right along with her. I was transported to Dec. 25th, 2006 where I birthed my son on all fours next to my bed - pushing for hours.....

Next, I witnessed a lovely latina woman who tells the story of her care providers who insist that her baby is not "britch" and that this first time mom doesn't know a thing. It was my story all over, really. To do over, I would never have insisted upon an ultrasound to check for breech I couldn't suppress a giggle when the poor mama gleefully announced "I told you so!!!"

All the exhaustion melted away when I witnessed these women giving the rehearsals their ALL - sweaty brows and hoarse voices. It's a diverse, real cast of women who tell REAL stories - yours is in there, I promise. It's going to be a hell of a show and I hope none of you miss it


September 20th
FREE: 3pm Forum: "Do Pregnant Women Have Rights?"
FREE: 3pm Art Exhibit: Birthing A Community:Midwives in Fairfield County
FREE: 3 pm Birth Expo

7pm "Birth" the play by Karen Brody

September 22nd
7:30 pm "Orgasmic Birth" A Documentary Film
post film discussion w/ Piper Lovemore, featured in the film

September 23rd
FREE: 6-8 pm SC Doula Day at Lexington Medical Center

September 27th
10am - 8 pm BABE Film Festival and Mama-Baby Fair

Awesome speakers, art, story spaces, vendors, exhibits, conversation....

Purchase tickets now!!!! http://www.boldaboutbirth.com/?page_id=45 :
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Some folks have had difficulties purchasing their tickets on-line.

If this has happened to you, please contact boldaboutbirth@gmail.com

Don't forget to print out your tickets!!!!
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I believe the on-line ticket purchase process has been tweaked.

Tickets are selling fast for the 20th..... don't forget to purchase yours!

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KUDOS to everyone involved! It was awesome!
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It was. I was unable to attend the forum or play but the expo was fun and I had a good time talking with the midwife who was at the exhibit in the theatre. Looking forward to next weekend at the UU church.
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Great! So glad you enjoyed I most enjoyed the forum and the midwifery exhibit. I loved hearing the audience laugh and respond to parts of the play as I chased my littles around the lobby

The midwifery exhibit was also shown last evening at the Trustus screening of Orgasmic Birth - we'll be showing the film again this Saturday: http://www.boldaboutbirth.com/?page_id=21

I am getting ready now to scoot over to Lexington Medical Center's Doula Celebration from 6 - 8 pm.

Soooo looking forward to Saturday too. The ICAN Chapter made home-made post-partum moon pads for sale and we have some other things to share.

We are also expecting a great turn-out for the father's forum and Janel Martin, the producer of "The Other Side of the Glass" will be with us, as well.

There will be a nursery provided and a vendor for lunch.

See You all there!!!!
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