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: Congrats Ladies!!!

Seems like we've got another group of us in the "3 weeks till term" category too! It will be such a relief when having contrx to know that if it was "it" it'd be good to go!
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I'm also full term. I'm hoping this little guy stays in until the 1st of October (I don't know why I'm so dead set on him being an October baby, but it just never occurred to me that he could come earlier than that). However, if he plans on moving out sooner, I'm all for it. I can't wait to meet him!!!!!
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Originally Posted by LoveLife View Post
Wow, and I was so excited to hit 34 weeks this morning. LOL.

I'm so jealous of all of you who are at 37 weeks. Seriously though, its exciting that everyone is getting so close. It will be great to read everyone's birth stories!!
I'm 36 weeks today, so one more week. Like Lovelife, I"m looking forward to reading your birth stories soon!
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I can't believe it, but I am 36 weeks today...it NEVER even occured to me to think that I could have a September baby! OMG I could. I just started mat leave yesterday and really need to get my stuff together...and quick!:::

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I am 37 weeks too! It is exciting but scary too. I thought I had 2 more weeks but at my home visit Friday my midwife predicted birth would happen next week!

I am trying to adjust to being ready a week earlier, just in case she is correct.

Denial mode is over. There is and active baby coming our way and our whole family will be changed forever!

This is #3 for us.
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Originally Posted by olliemi2005 View Post
Denial mode is over. There is and active baby coming our way and our whole family will be changed forever!

That's pretty profound isn't it? I just got there yesterday... unbelievable! :
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I'll be 37 weeks this coming Sunday. This kiddo hasn't slowed down a bit so I'm fully expecting a 40+ weeker like all my other babes....even though going earlier would be fine with me. This is my last week of work and I've got two more exams to take for school but after that I'm going to deep clean my room/bathroom and really get ready for this sweet girl's arrival.
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2 more weeks till i'm full term and i'm sure the full 5 before baby makes an arrival.
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