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Charlie stutters

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He is 33 months. He has a great vocabulary. I am not sure if it is stuttering cuz he repeats one syllable words. I am not sure what is up but he says..

Just now he said I I I I I I I I I I I I I don't like this one. I I I I don't like the music.

or he will say

I want my my my my my green car
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My DH stutters. He says that these are both sounds he gets stuck on, too.

If you research stuttering, there's a large percentage of kids who outgrow it naturally.

I don't know if what Charlie's doing is really stuttering, but sounds possible.

For my DH, the worst thing is when someone tries to finish the word for him. Be aware of wanting to do this...it's natural, it seems helpful. Be patient and supportive...not like you wouldn't be, but I'm just saying out loud what you probably already know.

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Both of my girls stuttered for a short time when their language development had just really started exploding. I found that if I just patiently waited while they tried to express themselves and didn't make a big deal about it, eventually they just outgrew it. I think for some kids it has something to do with their thinking and their mouth catching up to each other so they can say what they intend to say.
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stuttering is a very normal part of speech development, and is more pronounced in some kids than others, so i wouldnt worry about it yet. my husband stutters, so i have done some research about it. here is a great website that gives tips to parents of children who stutter. i highly recommend it, it talks aobut "normal disfluency" vs. an actual stuttering prob. it also gives great advice for how to help the child through it. i have seen a few kids your sons age who stutter, it seems like a 3 year old thing. (more or less)

click here to read "if your child is stuttering"

and if you want to learn more, just surf around the entire site


hope this helps!
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i just had to add that i noticed both the example sentences you provided sound like times when he might be feeling more tension... my DH has alot more trouble when he is tense, and when he is trying to convey certain kinds of information. so maybe if you notice a pattern of the circumstances, you can figure out ways to help him?
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Many kids that age stutter.
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Mine is 25 months and she gets stuck on one word, which it sounds like your child does. She doesn't stutter getting one whole word out but just repeats the last word of her sentance several times before continuing on. It's when she's excited. I also just wait.
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thanks all, i can breathe again
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