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Fear of nausea and throwing up during labor

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I am pregnant with my second baby and this time around I wanted to have a natural labor with a midwife/doula and take bradley classes.

One thing I am really nervous about is the nausea during labor. This usually happens during transition right? I didn't feel it last time because my pain was numbed with an epi. Just wondering if a lot of people threw up during their natural labor? Did you take anything that helped? I have a little bit of a fear of throwing up.

Thank you!
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2 natural labors/births and I've never had nausea during labor.
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Thanks so much Peony! This totally comforts me!
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my first labor was a hospital induction, and i threw up two or three times right as i hit transition. it was over with fast, and i honestly didn't even care at that point. my second labor, which was all natural, i didn't throw up once-- i assumed that i would, and was nervous about it, too. turns out it was most likely the pitocin the first time around.
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I've had 3 natural births. I didn't have nausea or throw up with the first two, but did with the last one. It was right at the end, and it really didn't make me all that miserable. I do think it helped open things up, ds was pushed out in just two contractions shortly after I threw up!
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I have not felt nauseous nor thrown up during transition. Both times, I did throw up at the early onset of labor - within the first hour to hour and a half - along with emptying out at the other end. Transition, for me, is much more about emotional 'distress' than physical.
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Originally Posted by Peony View Post
2 natural labors/births and I've never had nausea during labor.
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Never felt nauseous in labour either.
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Out of the births I've attended so far (probably in the 20 + area) I think only 2 people have thrown up.. and one wasn't until after the birth.
Usually if there is nausea present, theres some natural things we can do to help relieve it quickly. I personally never felt nausea during my 28 hours of labor, just HUNGRY!
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I only felt nauseous for about 15 minutes during transition. I was thinking I might throw up (had DH grab a bowl just in case) but I never did. And I HATE vomiting so I was worried about it too. As my MW pointed out, you can't predict or control what happens at that point so try not to worry about it.
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Well, I'll be honest. I vomited during most of my 21+ hour labor. Not really any nausea that I recall -- just vomit/contraction/vomit/contraction.

BUT apparently that's how my body reacts to extreme pain, and it was my body's way of dealing with the contraction pain. And unfortunately my husband (bless his dear heart) was unable to help get me back on track and refocused in doing breathing and other things we'd practiced ahead of time. After over 12 hours of this, I went into the birth center and after a few hours there opted for an epidural. Immediately I stopped vomiting. I could still feel the contractions, but the break in the pain was so immediate that I stopped vomiting.

The epidural started wearing off and I handled the contractions and still, no more vomiting -- I had needed something to break the cycle, if that makes sense, and it did. So I technically had a medicated labor, but an unmedicated birth.

This time we're hiring a doula and I'm hopefully getting the Hypnobabies set. I'm hoping that we can find natural ways to break that cycle and avoid the constant vomiting, should it occur again.

But honestly, the nausea and vomiting that most women encounter is temporary, it's short-lived, and not ongoing. To me, that would be totally bearable, especially since I know what it's like to have it be ongoing for hours on end. But even for those like me, who have it the whole labor, it's no guarantee it'll happen every time. So you may not be nauseated or vomit at all. But even if you do, it will either be temporary in which case you can handle it, and as long as you have someone or something to help get your focus back on track, you can break the cycle, I think, should it be longer-lasting.

We just weren't fully prepared, despite having taken Lamaze classes, read books, and so on. I was in no position to be proactive with myself (I honestly couldn't remember anything I'd studied) and my poor husband was beside himself and not much help at all either, I'm afraid. So we're really hoping to rely on a doula who can help keep me focused. If you're really worried about it, that's something you might consider as well, unless your partner is really good in an intense/stressful situation. Mine unfortunately, isn't really.
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I was nauseous during my first labor...but only because of pitocin. My second labor was pain free until the ring of fire, with no nausea at any time. I even ate scrambled eggs during early labor. It was breakfast time, I was hungry, and I knew it would be a tiring day...even more so if I didn't eat anything. A wonderful day, but tiring.
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yeah..my nausea and heaves were less than a minute at just at transition with both my girls. not really an issue at all at that point.. i was actually happy because i knew i was nearing the end..haha
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Interesting to read this -- I just read the birth story of a friend who had an epidural and she vomited several times when the epi was in place -- apparently b/c her blood pressure dropped. So I guess an epi doesn't always prevent the nausea/vomiting.

I'm also worried about the other end, b/c whenever I had menstrual cramps, diarrhea tended to come with them if they were bad (sorry, tmi).
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I didn't throw up at all during my labor and I'm kind of a pukey person. Right at the beginning I thought I might and I asked for a basin, but once it got more intense the nausea went away. I also started labor right in the morning on an empty stomach so I don't know if that made a difference. A tip I read somewhere is to drink grape juice during labor because it is not unpleasant to puke up.
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Natural birth- in transition I barely remember that I threw up and I don't remember any prolonged nausea.

Planning natural homebirth again!!
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I had nausea and vomiting in labour when I had an epidural and when I didn't.

No, an epi doesn't usually prevent nausea and vomiting.
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I threw up once during my labor, well before transition. I think it's because I drank too much Gatorade. Yuck.
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I vomitted a small amount just before transition. Once it was out, I had no further nausea. After birth, I was well beyond famished!
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I vomitted right at the end of my induced labour with an epi, it was when I went from having a lip of cervix to complete and DD coming whether I pushed or not so I don't think an epi necessarily prevents it - most of the ppl I know who did vomit had an epi. I read somewhere that when baby starts to come down all the way some women vomit which I think is likely what happened with me. As soon as I was done I told the nurse that I needed to push so she checked and DD was on her way out.
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