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Kitchen: Probably 15 minutes needed in there to wipe down the stove, load the dishwasher, wipe the counters, sweep and switch over the laundry.

Living/Dining room: In its usual learning day mess. Probably another 15 minutes in there to put books away, tidy up toys and vacuum.

Bathroom: 5 minute wipe down and sweep.

My bedroom: Make bed

13yoDS bedroom: Clean because he never goes in there, he moved in with my 3yo a week ago for some reason.

3yoDS bedroom: Total disaster. My oldest son decided to move in there last week so now the smallest room in the house has the combined mess of both the children in it. At least 30 minutes would need to be spent in there but I don't think it'll happen.

Not too bad I guess. An hour away from spotless but Tuesday is our one day a week that we don't go anywhere until swimming at 5:00 so I don't expect it to be clean. It's laundry day and baking muffins day and lying around naked doing Dinosaur puzzles day (the youngest anyway).
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My home (a one bedroom apartment~about 900 sq ft) is in good condition...but, that is only because we are preparing to move by the end of the year and I have been doing a lot of organizing.

*Kitchen-The lunch dishes are still in the sink...clean in about 10 min.

*Dining Room-Baby clothes are stacked on the table because I am in the process of selling some of DD's former duds. Plus, there are some other little piles of things that I am in the process of either selling, consigning or donating.

*Living Room-A few toys and books are about.

*Office-Very good.


*Bathroom-Almost perfect.

*Patio-Good shape.

*Storage unit (about 2 miles away)-This space is in great shape...these items (mostly furniture) are simply awaiting a home!

My main source of irritation are the little piles of stuff (described above) on the dining room table...I hope to have these things gone by the end of the week!!!
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We are in the midst of a move (Sat. final move out day) and as such my house is a total and complete disaster. I have boxes and bags that need to be donated, boxes that need to be moved, and trash and and and and...

Yeah. It's a mess. Moving sucks.
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My house is clean. I would be fine if someone came over unexpectedly. I'm in week two of following a cleaning plan that I worked out and it's going really well so far. I feel so much calmer to have the home this way.
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I am an hour away from show ready. 3 hours away if I had to get it ready with the kids helping. But thats only because we just had a showing and expect 2 more this coming weekend. Normally our house would be in a total state of hectic cluttered mess
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It's always a mad house here. Always.

Sometimes the bathroom looks nice.

Once in a blue moon the master bedroom looks picture perfect.

We don't even have kids yet. :
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My update after a scrapbook day with friends over:

All rooms look great, except the kitchen! LOL Dishes are in the dishwasher, but the ones that need handwashing are stacked on the side of the sink. The table is a disaster with MY scrappin' supplies! ACK! (They took theirs home already, but the whole table was a disaster earlier! LOL) The floor needs vacuuming/mopping now and will get it tomorrow.

There are two rugs outside airdrying in the backyard (on the line).

BTW, the friend who wanted the cabinet took it today, so our living room is back to normal.
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I need to sub to this thread and report back in a few days. I will motivate me. :
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The office is a disaster. Everything is sort of shoved in there. The rest of the house is fine.
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Right this second? Hmm. Downstairs is okay; a few things need to be picked up, and the the bathroom counter could definately be wiped down (the kids all brushed teeth unsupervised this morning- I don't have to say more to those of you with kids )

Upstairs is worse. All 3 kids bedrooms are messy, mine isn't too bad. Both upstairs bathrooms are passable, not what I'd want for company, LOL, but they don't gross me out at all (dusty, but toilets and tubs/showers are clean).
There's cat litter to be vacuumed, but because of DH's work schedule, I can't do that during the day today.

Overall, it's much better than a typical day in my home from say, a year ago. But I'd like it to be much better. My housekeeping is a work in progress.
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My house is a mess right now. I'd be embarassed if anyone showed up - even my mom.
The kitchen is a disaster, haven't unloaded the dishwasher from yesterday, so dirty dishes are piled up in the sink, the kitchen table still has crumbs from dinner on it.
There are toys scattered in the living room, clean laundry is piled on the dryer needing to be folded.
Upstairs office has school work spread about, and lots of toys. Kids rooms are actually clean still, i think its cuz they brought the toys out to the living areas.
Our bedroom is clean too, but the bathroom is messy.

We do most our cleaning on the weekend. We are really just too busy to do much during the week. Oh well, no one visits us anyway.
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My house is eh right now. Some of it is mess and some of it is because we just moved in a week ago.

Kitchen is mostly clean. I have pots and pans from dinner last night still soaking in the sing (my excuse for not wanting to finish the dishes last night - they need to soak). And the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and needs to be emptied. There's a box of food that needs to be put somewhere in the food cabinet.

Dining room is good, except for DH's desk. We used to have desks in a separate room so I didn't care about the mess, but now they're in the main living area. We're getting new desks and his is getting drawers so we don't have to look at the mess.

The living room is ok, nothing 5 minutes couldn't fix. My desk is a little messy with my dishes from just finishing breakfast, and some other clutter I need to clean up. I have clean folded clothes on the couch that need to be brought upstairs. We have wires/cables from switching routers last night and we need to tidy that up.

Our downstairs bath is mostly clean, but the toilet could use a cleaning.

Our downstairs closet is organized but packed with stuff that needs to find a home. (Again, just moved in so everything isn't right where it goes yet)

Upstairs bathroom is clean, again should clean the toilet.

Guest room and guest bathroom are clean.

Our bedroom is a mess. The bed isn't made (but that's because DH is still in it). We don't have a dresser or chest of drawers or anything so clean clothes are just being piled up on a shelf in our closet and underwear and socks are in bags on the floor (they need to go in our nightstands) We have meds and bathroom stuff sitting in a box on the floor that needs to go in a bathroom cabinet. Our nightstands are cluttered. DH left laundry on the floor that he needs to pick up and put in the hamper.

Our empty room has been kind of a catch all for stuff we haven't found a place for but it's getting better.

Our linen closet is organized, but needs another going through - still has curtains and stuff that we haven't put up yet.

I don't want to go in the garage. Boxes from moving line one wall, DH has his "projects" on the floor, and we have Christmas decorations that need to come in and go in our big downstairs closet but can't because the downstairs closet is full.

Phew. Makes me tired. But now I'm getting up to get stuff done for 15 minutes.
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The kitchen is spotless. The baby's walker is in there because she was watching me straighten up earlier, but otherwise it is fine.

Dining room: I need to clear out the key dish on the bar, and then it's fine. The table is cleaned off and looking nice with my pretty centerpiece.

Living room: Load of clothes waiting to be folded on the couch, a few dog toys on the floor, otherwise clean and neat.

Laundry room: I have a box waiting to be unpacked, and I'm in the midst of doing laundry. I need to wipe off the washer & dryer & sweep the floor, and it'll be good to go.

Guest bedroom: Clean, just need to put the bucket of DD's hair bows away.

DD's bedroom: Just has toys on the floor -- we'll pick them up before she goes to bed tonight.

Our bedroom: Need to make the bed & pick up random clothes & two toys off the floor, and take my cup of water back into the kitchen.

Our bathroom: Clean.

Outside: I was in the middle of cutting grass this morning & we ran out of gas. DH has our car at work, so it will have to wait until tonight. I need to sweep off the porches after we finish cutting the grass, and we will fix the front flowerbed at the end of the month. Just saving the money in case of emergency, but if none comes up then we will buy the stuff.

Honestly, 20 minutes and my house will be absolutely spotless. I'm pretty much a clean freak but DD & I have been playing most of the morning.
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Mine's a mess right now. We're completely reorganizing our whole house. The kids new rooms are nice and clean, beds need made though I'm sure. Our soon-to-be bedroom is full of boxes and extra stuff. Laundry room's fine. The kitchen's ok, just a few dishes in the sink that need washed. Living room would be clean but its got an extra couch in there right now we're trying to get rid of so it looks awful. Playroom is a disaster since all the toys/stuffed animals/craft stuff is in there along with everything that needs to go in the office and all of dh's hunting stuff, a few things that need to go in our room once its ready. Bathroom's good. The office is great, except all the painting supplies still out. But that's also all thats in there right now.
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We have five dogs right now. It's an unmitigated disaster.
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Kitchen: Clean with the exception of breakfast dishes in the sink. I decluttered the pantry just yesterday and cleaned out the fridge. Floor is ok but should be mopped soon.

Living Room: Needs a quick vacuum to pick up some dog hair but otherwise clean and tidy.

Dining Room: Table is somewhat messy with Halloween decorations I'm just getting out.

Bedrooms: Dd's room is fine, needs to be decluttered but it's tidy. Master is clean. The spare room is the worst, I've gotten behind on shredding bills and papers and need to clean off my desk (again).

Bathrooms: Need to wipe down the sinks and counters and scrub the toilets. Family cloth is in the wash. Passable though.

So overall, I give my house a B. Not perfect but I wouldn't have a heart attack if visitors stopped by unannounced.
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LIving room: could be picked up in 5 min. floor clean, but could use a mop. Just dusted and washed the couch cushions.

Dinning room: bad, clutterville

Kitchen: dishes clean, counters cluttered, floor swept, but needs mopping.

bathroom: needs cleaning

girls rooms: both clean, thanks to paying off dd1

my room: bad, clothes all over

basement: not as bad as usual. no dirty clothes in laundry room!

I was gone all weekend, so I'm pretty behind. Oh well!
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Mine isn't too awful. I just did the bathroom yesterday so its nice an clean. A good 10 minutes in the bedroom, living room and dining room would get those nicely. DS1's room is so-so. Our kitchen is not good. Our dishwasher is having issues and only the bottom rack is getting clean. So my sink is full of dishes I need to wash. Luckily the repair person is coming next week to fix it!
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Mine is a bit of a wreck. In my defense, I started packing because we are moving. Then I had to pack suitcases to evacuate for Ike. Now, I've unpacked those and started packing boxes again! It's been crazy!

Kitchen: a mess - mostly with things that I want to donate before we move next week

Bathrooms: clean!

DS's room: toys on the floor & things to pack on surface areas

Living room: stacked boxes, clean desk, clean table, a few toys on the floor

Bedroom: clean!

Patio/balcony: swept clean
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