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BOOK CLUB FOR Twilight series

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Anyone want to talk aobut twilight series? I am enthralled in these books. so much fun and suspense.
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I started reading Twilight a week ago and was completely sucked in! (ha ha) I picked up the last two books on Friday and I finished them on Monday night. (My house went to pot as I spent the majority of time reading!)
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ME too!! Im on the second book. I heard mix reactions to the final book that just came out. BUt alot of fans liked it.

cant wait for the movie..........
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I loved them...right up to the 4th book. I was pretty disturbed.

Also, did anyone else hear about the supposedly fifth book? Midnight Sun?
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I read the first three books in less than a week. I LOVE this series. I haven't been so sucked in by a series.

I have to wait until payday to get Breaking Dawn. I think Bella sleeps way too much...lol
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I've read quite a few reviews about Breaking Dawn, it seems people either love it or hate it. I did enjoy it and could see why Ms. Meyer wrote it the way she did. I think people also need to keep in mind when judging these books is that it is a young adult series, even if it appeals to the adult crowd.

I also totally love the band Muse (I did before I read the books) and I can see the connection to the books. Listening to them is the only thing keeping me sane until either Midnight Sun is published or the movie is released (but I am wary of seeing it on the big screen - I worry it will be nothing like the beloved books)

Speaking of Midnight Sun, I also read the unedited draft posted on Stephenie Meyer's website. It was originally leaked on the internet and then she shelved the project for a while. Hopefully she will be drawn back in to finish it. It is basically Twilight from Edward's perspective. I think it gives good insight and background information that the reader would not otherwise know.

Well as you can see I've become a bit obsessed....I :this series!
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i have read the first two books and LOVED them. I am totally Team Edward all the way, although i love Jacob too. I had my friend tell me a summary of Breaking Dawn and I am really taking it easy to get to that book. I am worried that I will hate it.
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Hi!! I just bought Twilight last night. I started reading it this morning (didn't get very far into it though). I really hope it's as good as everyone is saying. I normally don't buy books (unless it's something I know I want to keep), but our library has 88 holds on the 48 copies that they have. Yikes!
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I'm up to "Scary Stories" in the first book. I'm really into the story...I knew I would be.

My dd-age15-has all of the books and LOVES them. She asked me to read them so we could talk about them together.

can't resist an invitation like that, can I? :
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I LOVE THIS SERIES! Can't speak enough about them all!

Can we mention spoilers here? Don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't read them all, but something in Breaking Dawn totally surprised me but shouldn't have!

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I just started reading the series this week. I am just over halfway through Twilight. Other Harry Potter fans at work were raving about the series, so I thought I'd try it. I am LOVING it. I wish I had more free time so I could read it faster.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series, have read the first 3 books a gazillion times. That being said. . . I HATED Breaking Dawn. I pretend like it doesn't exist.
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I finished Twilight Thursday around midnight. Today I went to the store and bought New Moon. I am probably around 1/2 way through it. I kept stopping to sit on benches at the mall to read "just a little". I admit, I did have to flip toward the back of the book and just scan for a certain name....make sure they'd be making another appearance. Now, though, I am just wondering what is going on with Jacob?? It must be something significant, the clerk at FYE (I was buying cheesey cds) asked if I was an Edward fan or a Jacob fan.....so it must be SOMETHING major.
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I'm halfway through Breaking Dawn. Put me in the "icky" group. greengmax's comment about it being targeted toward the young adult crowd helps, however. I can see how the plot would be more enjoyable to them, than to the mother of a daughter.

Overall, I've decided this series is such a poor substitute for Buffy. But I really did enjoy the first two books.
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Love 'em. I read all 4 in about 8 days. I started to flip through Twilight again after finishing them all and started to read it AGAIN. So now I am on the 2nd books for the 2nd time. Ugh.
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If my next LO is a boy, I think I will name him Jasper. Love it!
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I read chapter 13 this morning before I got out of bed for the day. Delicious.

I have been reading all day...don't want to put it down.

Now my dd and I are fighting over Edward. She says she saw him first and I told her to share for crying out loud.

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Finished Breaking Dawn today. So I read the last three books in one week. I quite enjoyed these books. They rank up there for me. : And I agree that Jasper would make a good name for a boy. I love Alice. I want her for a sister. Bella reminds me of me in some ways. Now, if my friend and her husband would just finish Twilight already, we could discuss it.
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I'm in the middle of Breaking Dawn now. I didn't care so much for New Moon, I liked Eclipse, and now I am having a hard time getting through BD because of some real life drama that keeps me from reading as much as I'd like.

I'll add that my dd and I bought our midnight showing of Twilight tix yesterday.

We are so.stoked.
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