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Moving to Huntley

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Boy where to start... we are moving to Huntley in 2 weeks (with 26 days notice) from central Iowa. I guess my first question is for a family doc. or ped that will not freak (I want to write support - but I don't know if that is realistic) on the vax topic.

Down the road I'd also like some ideas on homebirth. Will I have some good options in this area? We would like 1 more baby sometime in the future....but I had my singleton and twins at home.....and planning anything other than a HB isn't going to happen with a healthy normal pregnancy I worry about my options down the road.

Also, if anyone knows of a babywearing or CD meet up group taht would be awesome.

I'm feeling very lost right now. Thanks for the help,

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Howdy neighbor! You'll live about 10-15 minutes from me when you move! I live in Algonquin!

I just typed a long reply to your thread and it was lost for some reason, telling me I was not logged in when I was... ugh. Anyhow...

I mentioned you should check out:


I am about to check them out myself, as I am about to TTC #2 and don't want the kind of birthing experience I had with DD4. My best friend uses them and loves them. They're about 30 minutes away, but I think I'll suck it up and deal with the driving.

As for peditricians... I did a delayed vax scheule with DD and then switched her to a different doctor when DD was a little over a year old because I got sick of being treated the way I was treated. The doctor I take her to now was okay with me refusing the CP vax. In fact, I took DD to her second pox party yesterday. Last year we had a failed attempt, so I'm hoping for spots in a week or two! Our current doc also didn't bat an eye when DD was still nursing at 30 months... She's quite nice, DD loves her, and she is actually located in a brand new state of the art facility in Huntley... but I'm not sure how she'd respond to no vaxing at all. I should ask, before having #2, huh?

Please feel free to email me if I can answer any more questions about the area for you or if you're just feeling chatty! Allison_Neally@yahoo.com
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Thank you Ali,

I will look you up when I get in. The moving truck is coming on the 3rd! I have 13 days...uh...12 days to pack this place.

I've heard of HomeFirst and I am sure I will look into them whenthe time comes. But my guess is I am going to looking for some other options as well. I've heard they charge a 2000K "concierge" fee......in adition tot heir birthing fee. Not sure what that is about. I have been blessed with two gorgeous homebirths with VERY laid back, hands off MW's. My first birth was attended but very unassisted and I liked that.

That's al the future for me though. i have three munchkins to get situaed and a house to turn into a home

I am sure I will give you a call and pick your brain. Thank you for the welcome and invitation :

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Good luck on your move! I am not sure about homebirthing options out in this area. We are east of you near Cary. I know there used to be a homebirthing group that met in St Charles a few years back, but not sure if they still do. Here is short listing, but I am not sure how complete it is. Either way, I am sure you might be able to find someone when the time comes. As for family doctors, Dr Sears has a few listed on his site as vaccine friendly. Other than Homefirst, there are 2 others listed that are sort of near you. One in South Elgin and one in Genoa. I think the Genoa doctor would be closest and worth the call, once you get situated.

Karen M. Federici, M.D.
Family First Physicians
599 Pearson Dr
Genoa, IL 60115
(815) 784-6300
Fax: (815) 784-6363
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There aren't great homebirth options in the area that odn't require a lot of driving, unfortunately .

But for vax-friendly peds, I highly recommend Karen Federici's office in Genoa. We have been with them for a year and switched to them from Homefirst.
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Thanks Natsuki,

I will check out that doc.

I don't mind traveling for the kind of care I want. I had to drive 2.5 hours to my prenatals for my twins and flew in the ehad MW from out of the states.... I just want to know my options with private midwives.
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Originally Posted by earcher View Post
I just want to know my options with private midwives.
There are three midwives who do homebirth in the Chicago area - all located in Chicago (Sarah Simmons and Jewel and ??? at A Woman's Place). There is also Homefirst which I think has some women who help at deliveries - there are tons of threads about them in this forum, they get pretty mixed reviews. Dr. White (gregory I think?) - he's the son of the founder of LLL and his father helped train the head of Homefirst in homebirth a few decades ago. Anyway, Dr. White does homebirth and I know a few people who have birthed with him. He's located in the area too, probably about a 45 minute drive from Huntley.

If you need help with other things in the area let me know! (things to do with kids, grocery stores, churches, programs, libraries - the Huntley library is pretty sucky but there is a great one not too far away in Elgin).
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hmmmm, well I'll have to cross the birthing road when I get there. I SOOOO don't need to be PG right now - but I feel like I also need to know my options KWIM? It's the control freak in me So the Huntley library is sucky??? I wonder how it's "suck" compares to small town Iowa suck??? lol I am sure I will need some help on ideas for playgroups and actvities once we get settled. You can only stay in a house with three kids and a husband working from home for so long!
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I'm not sure how it would compare to where you're at in Iowa, but what happened in Huntley is that 10 years ago the town was small, REALLY small, surrounded by corn fields and other farming. Then the major development finally reached out towards Route 47 and the housing took off in a big way - tons of new homes, subdivisions, etc... and the population of the town more than tripled in a decade.

Except...the library wasn't built with those expansions in mind and their space is still very small, plus there is no space for additional programs. The Gail Borden Library is a 20 minute drive but has a huge children's section that has tons of wonderful toys, a climbing structure, extensive book and media collections (for kids and adults), and wonderful programming - and I believe that you are eligible to check out items from there as well b/c it is in the same county as Huntley (at least my huntley friends come to the library with their kids, I'd have to ask if they can check things out).

Here is an article about Huntley's proposed library expansion (it's going to referendum which I'm not sure will pass, read more in the comments):
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Howdy future neighbor! I'm in Woodstock, about 15 min. north of Huntley. We use Homefirst but I think I'm going to look into this Karen Dr. in Genoa.
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The Huntley library is very small. However, they are part of a large network of libraries that share resources....and when you get your card, you can search for materials from all the libraries and place them on hold online, and they will notify you when they are ready to pick up at your own local library. I get books from all over the north suburban area...it's great !!!!!! It's like being a member of a really huge library ! : ITA for playing, the Gail Borden library in Elgin is the place to go !

For groceries, check out Woodman's Market in Carpentersville, on Randall Rd just north of 72. The place is huge, has great prices, and has a fabulous selection of natural and alternative foods I would not otherwise be able to get without driving to Whole Foods (40+ minutes away). They have also been very responsive about adding products I have asked for. They do not accept credit cards though....only debit, cash, and checks. (You can use a debit CC though as long as you can put in a pin).
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I second Woodman's as a great grocery store, especially if you're on a budget. There is a Trader Joe's not too far from there too. I think the Huntley Park District is pretty good as far as programs and such go, I know they have a pool.
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Hello there future neighbor! I'm up in the Round Lake area, so not too far away from Huntley. I've heard some pretty good things about the Honefirst group as well. Looks like you've gotten several good suggestions already, but I just wanted to say hi. I am new to this group/forum, and still trying to figure out how it all works. I, too, am looking for some new/interesting/fun things to do in the area. We moved out here a year ago, and we're still trying to get our feet wet. lol. So, Hi there!!


Mommy to 3.: : :
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