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x2 Graco Snugride with extra base, $175. each total $350.
Thankfully Carson outgrew his and we were able to reuse it when Caitlyn was born.

Eddie Bauer (not sure of the model) $180.00

Britax Decathlon $300.00

x2 Britax Boulevard, $320. each total $640.00

Our total is $1470.00 and the twins are only 24 months and Caitlyn 16 months old

Please tell me the Britax will last until they outgrow the need for a carseat??:

Oh well, at least we should be good to go for a few years right?
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Let's see 3 Titan 5's (around $60 each)
1 Titan 5 delux $100
2 harness/boosters $100/each
1 Scenera for DH's car $45
1 backless booster to keep in DH car for when I forget to leave a booster for him $15
2 Evenflo boosters $40/each

a little over $600 for four kids so far. Probably need to get a higher length harness/booster for youngest (Nautilus probably) because he is so so long.
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For my boys we have purchased one Graco Saferide for about $150. And two Britax Boulevards for about $300 each.

So somewhere around $650. My oldest will be 3 in two months.
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$100 for Graco Snugride
$250 Marathon (lasted RF to 33lbs) -- sold to close friend for $130
$218 Marathon (RF to 35 lbs)

so i think $438 for one DD.
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Nothing. Ds is nearly 3 and dd is 7.5 months. We were given a Graco ComfortSport for our baby shower and that is what ds is still riding in. We are borrowing a Graco Snugride from my SIL for dd right now. In a few weeks we have to give it back because she is having a baby so we will make our first carseat purchase--a new one for ds probably and then dd will take his ComfortSport.
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Closeout deal on Britax Wizard: $220
Touriva Regal Ride for travel: $50
Graco Safe Seat for new baby (bought used from a legit source): $70

So about $340 total for 2 kids so far...not too bad
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$0 Graco SnugRide- shower gift
$230 Roundabout- used until the Marathon went on sale
$199 Marathon- bought after I realized DS would rearface longer in this
$70 Graco ComfortSport - bought as a spare for DH's truck (rarely used)

About $499 and DS is only 15 months.
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$0 for a Graco SafeSeat (shower gift)
$40 for a Cosco Scenera for travel and backup seat
$212 for a Britax Marathon for our primary seat right now (We got a great deal last Feb during the Britax Sale)

So $250 in total or so, so far. We shouldn't need to buy another seat till DS is 3 or so when we'll give his sibling his Marathon and get him something like the Frontier.
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I thought we'd spent a lot but now I'm feeling good. We originally bought a Baby Trend stroller and carseat combo on sale for $200 (this was while I was still pregnant and before I realized we'd use a sling and never use the stroller). When he grew out of that, we bought a Britax Boulevard on sale for $240.
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We've done very well financially, but I am anticipating spending more.

Evenflo bucket borrowed from a friend - $0
Cosco Scenera - $70

We will be upgrading DS to something else (Am debating between the True Fit and the Marathon) and keep the Scenera for baby #2. Maybe.
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I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Not about just what I've spent already, but on what I *will* be spending in the future (as in on future dc's #3 and #4, God willing). Starting out with twins makes it a little tricky to be frugal!

Two Graco Snugrides (clearance)- $100
Two Evenflo Triumph's (using now) - $200
Two Cosco Vantage Pt's (Dad's car) - $160 (don't know why I bought these)

So far, $460.

Will soon be purchasing two Britax Regents or Frontiers - $500+
Will also purchase two Nautilus' for Dad's car- $300

That brings the total to about $1300. And we'd better get TTC'ing soon or we won't be able to reuse them! Plus I'm not counting on future dc's to be able to use the Regent/Frontier/Nautilus' because of expirations. Future dc #4 may not even get to use the Snugride or Triumph. *sigh* No price is too high for my kids' lives though.

PS - I could probably sell off a Snugride or a Triumph (when we're done) but I feel if I do that I'm just *asking* to have twins again! lol
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$70? Snugride (sold)
$100 AO (still own, but strapless, I hate this seat)
$40 Chase (sold)
$40 Scenera (sold)
$160 Radian (traded for Nautilus and then it got crashed)
$90 Apex (still own)
$35 booster (still own)
$20 RA (expired)
$145 MA (still own)
$260 BV (still own)
$120 SS1 (sold)
$44 2-Uptowns (crashed)
$0-Nania Airway (old, but brand new, from a tech friend)

This is just over $1100. I'm a good bargain shopper and it doesn't count the seats that had to be replaced from crashes. We got these seats when in crashes, insurance paid for them.

Graco Snugride
Graco Nautilus

I still need to get another infant seat for the new baby and possible a new Radian, we'll see. Besides maybe a few boosters, we should be good to go for many years. I'm sure that won't happen, but we SHOULD be good, lol.
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Looking at your expenses, I guess we don't have it so bad

For my son born 4/2006, we've had

Grace Safeseat+extra base approx. $200
Radian80 x 2 $550 (we bought the first one prior to them lowering the price on it)

TOTAL: $750

We're thinking of getting either Regents or Frontiers for the next seats but who knows what'll be out by then.
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Wanted to figure this out myself

1 Peg Perego baby bucket - $200
1 Roundabout - $200 (ish) - CAnada so pretty expensive
3 Marathons - $250x 3 = $750
1 Graco Cargo - $180
1 Century thing - $150
2 Frontiers - $600
2 Radian Premiers - $500
1 Parkway - $150

Some estimates in there ... but the grand total is $2,730. The two frontiers and 2 radians were payed for by the 'crasher' of our accident (done privately without insurance - but would have otherwise been insurance - so that is $1100 of that amount).

I think that is the Freakomonics theory behind car seats - tons of money into the carseat industry without a realizable tangible benefit (very few crashes). Obviously, I don't buy into the theory - but I think that is the basis for the 'economics' of car seats.
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$20 - Used Snugride my mom bought from a neighbor. Good condition, we knew the owner, but I wanted a new seat. It turned out to be a good thing that we had it though, because BRU messed up our order and we didn't end up getting our new seat until my DD was two weeks old. So DD came home from the hospital in the Snugride. We ended up donating it to a domestic violence shelter.

$80 - Grago Safeseat. Got an awesome deal on a clearance pattern after giving up on the BRU fiasco

$240 - Britax Boulevard during a sale

$150 - Britax Roundabout during a sale. Big mistake, DD outgrew this RFing at 19 months (only four months after we had bought it). It is boxed up in my garage waiting for me to put it on Craigslist.

$97 - Evenflo Triumph Advance on clearance at Target. Great second seat for DH's car now that DD has outgrown the Roundabout.

Grand total: $587 for one almost two-year-old. Yikes! And we're not done yet...
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Evenflo bucket stroller combo used for 7 months $100
Evenflo Triumph used RF 7mo-18mo, FF 18mo-30mo $150
Britax Regent 30mo+ $189 (great sale!)
Britax Regent for Grandma's car $189

Total: $628 for one child, almost three
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Not sure on Prices but...
Evenflo Discovery
Costco AO
Britax Marathon
Britax Roundabout
Britax Companion
Britax Parkway (steep discount)
I have plans for a Nautilus when my toddler outgrows the roundabout. Thats for three kids.
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Evil Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 $0 it was a gift (I HATE this seat!)

Marathon $280

2nd Marathon replace crashed seat $0 (insurance paid $280)
borrowed snug ride for child 2 $55 (to replace the base that was starting to stick funny with the car seat when we returned it. It works perfectly with the new base.)

Frontier $280

(yep, I'm in Canada... our carseats cost more here)

so personally we've paid $560 which will do us until DD 2 outgrows the Marathon or DD1 outgrows the frontier (but we're a long way from either of those situations right now)

As for actual value of the seats we've used somewhere around $1200. Which isn't bad for 2 kids really. We just screwed up with that very first seat.
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I've had:
  • Evenflo Embrace - 0$ as it was a shower gift (I hated this seat)
  • Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 - 0$ as it was a Christmas gift for my dd (this seat is ok except for such low weight/height limits, but since my dd still fits rf in it, I'm going to wait on purchasing a new seat)
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$159 Britax Companion
$324 Britax Boulevard
$209 Birtax Regent
$692 total

We are in the market for either a frontier or another Boulevard for DH's car.
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