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I think that is the Freakomonics theory behind car seats - tons of money into the carseat industry without a realizable tangible benefit (very few crashes). Obviously, I don't buy into the theory - but I think that is the basis for the 'economics' of car seats.
Carseats don't have to be expensive though. Look at all the seats I've owned vs how much I've paid for them and we're about to have our 4th baby. I'm sure that's the theory behind it, but I would spend all the $ in the world to make sure my kids lived through any crash we were in and so far it's been 2 and the kids were fine.
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cost so far is $750 my dd
evenflo something infant seat $100 (birth-13m)
Cosco Summit High-back Booster Seat $200 sold for $40 (13m-5)
Radian Premier $300 (5-still using at 6)

my ds
same seat as dd $0 then gave away (birth-5m)
Evenflo Triumph $150 (5m-still using 23m)

future to buy costs $540
for dd
Belt Positioning Folding Booster Car Seat $120
for ds
Radian Premier soemtime in the future $300
Belt Positioning Folding Booster Car Seat $120
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Wow, I've never thought about it.

In July 2004 we ordered a horrible travel system (Graco) from Amazon.com. It cost around $180. We got an extra car seat base for $40 at Babies R us.

We hated the baby bucket that it came with and the stroller was heavy and took up my entire trunk. DD1 outgrew it heightwise by four months.

Next was an Evenflo covertible carseat that MIL got us. We paid $0. It really sucks. The adjustments are hard to do and its just a piece of crap seat.

I hated that seat so much that I went to Babies R Us to find something different. I went on a slow day and spent about an hour going over the various feature of the different carseat. We ended up picking another Evenflo that had a bunch more safety features than the other Evenflo that we had. It was much easier to adjust and we still use it to this day for dd2. It has been recalled, but when we looked up why it was because it has styrofoam buffers to keep the baby safe. Some toddler have managed to reach into their carseat and pull pieces of the styrofoam off and eat it. They have a retrofit kit to fix this, but our children have never eaten their carseats so I don't think it'll be a problem. Also, its very heavy and hard to move around. It stays in the van. It cost $180.

Dd1 now has a booster seat that we spent $50 on. Its a cosco model and it works well. My dad gave dd the same model one for her birthday and we have one in the car and the other in the van.

I guess our total would be
Graco travel system $180
Graco Extra carseat base $40
Evenflo crappy carseat $0
Evenflo bulky, heavy carseat $180
Cosco booster $50
Total= $450
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Dd1 now has a booster seat that we spent $50 on.
At barely 4yo, your dd is much safer in a 5pt harness carseat. Most 4yos aren't mature enough to use a booster full time and the longer you give their skeleton time to harden, the better it is.
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DD is almost 8, and we've spent about $670 on carseats.

Here's the breakdown:
1) Graco infant seat -- $100
2) Roundabout -- $200
3) Marathon -- $250
4) Britax booster (can't remember model name) -- $100
5) Graco lowback booster -- $20 (This is for friends or for tossing into MIL's car.)
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This is -uhm embarrassing.

We have 2 kids - a baby and a toddler. Our kids spend at least 1 day a week/overnight with DH parents and my toddler goes on outings with my mom frequently. We also have a nanny who takes the kids out to gymboree/library/park/appointments.

Lets see:

220.00 Britax Roundabout - bought before DD 4/06 was born - she flopped around in it at birth and wasnt safe in it and then I had no idea Id do extended rearfacing - she seemed squished in it quickly. This is currently in our garage.

200.00 Britax companion -

300.00 Decathalon for Grandma's car

300.00 for Decathalon for other grandma's car

220.00 Radian 80 (DD currently in)

140.00 Fisher Price Safe Voyage for Nanny

100.00 Second Britax companion Used - for Nanny

160.00 Radian 65 for grandma's car for toddler.

I refuse to total it.
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Oh my gosh, I can't begin to remember all of that info.

I'd put our total with three kids at about $2,000 or so though. Just by a very fast rough estimation in my head.
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1 bucket-gift
2 sceneras- 80 (on for dd one for a friend)
1 boulevard- 300
1 naitulis- 150 (for my niece)

so for dd- 340
for other kids-190
total-530 not bad....
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That's funny... I was laying in bed last night thinking about this. Sometimes we leave our car unlocked and I get worried about it so I have to get up and check because I don't want anyone to steal our carseats...

But my worry isn't undue b/c they are the most valuable thing in our car besides the car itself.

We've spent nearly $900 between 3 different seats.
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Wow, it looks like I have got off lightly

We've bought 2 seats. 1 convertible when DD was born and a combination seat and booster when she was 2 and DS was born.

They are both still in their seats at 4 and 2, hopefully DD seat will turn out to be a good booster, and obviously we will need something else for DS at some point.

We don't have anyone who regularly drives our children round so we haven't needed extra seats for that.
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MA (2005) $250 (was crashed and replaced by a BV, which cost us $50 OOP).
(in dads car now)

BV $250 on sale, in my car now

BV $222 on sale, in our 2nd car

2 true fits..on sale $120 each...sold one

thats for the almost 3 year old...so total approximately $850 but thats for 3 cars. he's still RF'ing in each car but will get at least another year out of each seat im sure.

for new baby:

BV $222 (which was in a crash and just replaced by insurance co.). the box is in my hallway right now.
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Evenflo infant seat given to us by a friend $0
Old Evenflo Triumph given to us by my Dad $0
Britax Marathon on sale that we bought when ds was outgrowing Evenflo Rfing by height before a year, $209
Cosco Scenera for MILs car $35 on sale
Safety First Biltmore (Apex) for MIL's car when he outgrew the scenera $89
SKRadian 65 for when we passed the MA down to ds#2 $199
Graco Nautilus for Dh's car $117 on sale with a coupon

Total = $649


Borrowed my sister's snugride $0
All other seats handed down from ds#1 since we "upgraded" him

So we spent no money officially on ds#2.
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We bought the infant seat as part of a travel system with stroller, and then DD moved to a Marathon which was a gift that she still uses at nearly 4. If we had bought the Marathon, it would have cost us over $350.
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So far about $150. Our infant seat was a shower gift, thankfully since DD outgrew it at 3months. Now she's in a TrueFit, which cost us $150 and will hopefully last a good long time. She's tall so my first criteria was the tallest seat I could find!!
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Graco Snugride - $100 (part of travel system that was $240)
Graco ComfortSport (ugh) - $100
Britax Boulevard - $280
SunshineKids Radian80 - $250
Safety 1st Uptown - $70

That's $800 total... and I'm strongly considering selling several seats to fund those new True-Fits with anti-rebound bars once they are out
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honestly I can't remember all the cost but.
Gracco suggle ride used as an infant till maybe 4-5 months?? It was part of a travel system and I want to say around $200 for the whole thing. Loved it no regrets in the purchase.

Even flow trumpth can't remember the cost loved the overall fit but soon the straps became a major pain and DD out grew the height in record time...

gracco century around $40 (no longer made) we actually had this at the same time as the Even flow and while a super simple model we loved it and it had very high reviews she soon outgrew it height wise

Sunshine radian ($100 even) purchased a bit before DD 2nd birthday and around the time they first came into the market choosen over the marathon because it fir my car better. We absoultly love it we still use it today. The price was awsome (that low because of discounts and mail in rebates)

Gracco turbo booster bought as a back up for DH car and to give to frinds ect who might be taking her in ther car. Bought when DD turned 5 no complaints..

If or when I do this again I plan to do an actual infant "bucket" I grow them tiny and frankly prefer the smaller ones and then to something like the Sunshine and something that will harness till at least 65lbs and decent height growth.

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Graco snugride 2004 $130, used for DD then DS in 2006
Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 2005 $120 for DD, now sitting unused
2nd Eddie Bauer 3 in1 2006 $120 for nanny's car for DD, now in our old car which the kids generally don't go in
Radian 65 2007 $200 for DD in our new car
2nd Radian 65 2007 $200 for DS in our new car

Total $730, and hopefully the Radians will last them for quite a while, as they are both really petite for their age.
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So far...

Peg Perego Primmo Viaggio infant seat ~ $150
Britax Marathon (gift) ~ $250
Britax Roundabout ~ $180
2 Graco Nautilus ~ $300

so about $880 for 2 kids. I expect to spend another $300 for Nautiluses for DS2 when the Britax expire in 2010 (they're good for 6 years right? Need to check if it's 5 years, in which case they expire in 2009).
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graco snugride - cost $100 but I received it for my shower so my total was 0
Britax Marathon - $280
Cosco Scenera - $40
Graco Nautilus - cost $145 but I had a $100 gift cert to amazon.com so I used that and spent $45 (free shipping)

so what I actually spent = $365

what they actually all cost = $565

for next baby (hoping to TTC in January) I'm pretty much all set although considering the safeseat instead of the snugride. And I may need one more seat for my ds when he outgrows his marathon for one car. And then we'll see if the marathon and nautilus are getting close to their expiration dates.....lol
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I think I must have good friends or something because thus far I've spent $230 total since my oldest's bucket (used for two months before we went convertible due to reflux) was a hand me down from SIL and he's now in a Blvd., and baby sister already has my BFF's bucket, which I am hoping to use until she outgrows it and then replace it witha convertible. That's 29 months of carseats for $230, so less than $8 a month.
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