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Asheville Schools

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Our family is going to be relocating to the Asheville area in the next year or so. I am planning on taking a trip out in the end of October to check out the area and schools and such. I have never been to NC. And I have never moved my family across the country either!! I wold really love to homeschool my dd - 2nd grade now - but her dad is apposed. I am looking for a school that is not so mainstream. I have read a bit about the Rainbow Mountain School, and that sounds interesting. I was wonding about the other schools in the area that are simalar to this. Thanks for any imput.
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There are a few other schools you may want to look into/Google.

One thing to consider when looking into schools outside of the regular city/county school system here (our kids go to county elementary here in Asheville since we are just outside of "city limits" and like theirs pretty well...) is how much $$$ you're willing to spend when it comes to something along the lines of Montessori/Waldorf. It's pretty pricey, or at least it is for the age group your daughter would fall in to. On the flip side, there are a couple co-op Waldorf schools happening locally. My friend has her daughter in one for Kindergarten and loves it. They successfully operate due to the devotion of the parent's time spent volunteering every week too... so there's another thing to consider as well.

There are also couple charter schools in the area. Art Space, and Evergreen. Both go up to 8th grade.

Hope that helps
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Yes!! Thank you! Now I have a little bit to go off of to get me started. We really don't want to spend a lot of money on tuition costs. My dd is in public school here, so this is all new to me.
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Check out Odyssey: http://www.odysseycommunity.org/

And Katuah Sudbury: http://www.katuahsudbury.org/

There are Montessori programs also.

And if you can get your DH on board with homeschool, there are many groups here to work with cooperatively.

Good Luck!
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I'm pretty sure this has been discussed fairly recently here .. trying searching the archives (through google will often give the best results, just include mothering.com as one of your search terms).

Hth and good luck!
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A great thing about Asheville are the charter and magnet schools. We ( the boys) go to a magnet school. They went to a private school up until this year and it was very very expensive.
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I know it was mentioned but the website was not
we love it there and have been there for 7 of its 10 years!!!!
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Hey again...I didnt realize that the OP was researching Rainbow Mountain. That is the school both of my kids went to before their current school. It is a great place in so many ways, but very expensive.
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